What happens if you eat an apple every day?

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — To have a healthy body, you need to start small! For example, do not eat monotonous food, do not bring yourself to anorexia, do not be too picky about food. Plus, exercise every day, drink more water, and eat more fruit!

Speaking of apples, I’m sure many have tried them. As the saying goes, “whoever eats an apple a day does not visit the doctor,” but did you know that apples cannot be eaten thoughtlessly?

In severe cases, they can cause gastrointestinal problems.

Expert Zhang Chunrong states, “Apples are rich in nutrients that are very beneficial for promoting health. They can prevent cancer, relax the gut and normalize stool, lower blood sugar and lipids, and boost immunity and disease resistance.”

But do you know what apples cannot be combined with?

Zhang Chunrong recalls: with sweet potatoes since it contains a lot of starch, and after eating it, the stomach must release stomach acid, and apples contain quite a lot of organic acids, so with a regular combination of these products, gastrointestinal upset can occur. Therefore, although sweet potatoes also have a very high nutritional value, these two products cannot be eaten at the same time.

The most “nutritious” way to eat apples is by steaming or boiling them. The nutritional value of such apples is much higher than that of fresh apples. Try it yourself!

Zhang Chunrong is Chief Physician and Professor at the Peking University of Chinese Medicine, Visiting Professor at the Singapore Association for the Promotion of Chinese Medicine, and Consultant to the Association of Famous Physicians and Prescription Research in Hong Kong. Graduated from the Faculty of Chinese Medicine, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (now Beijing University of Chinese Medicine) and has been teaching, researching, and practicing medicine for over 40 years.


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