What happens if the internet suddenly stops working

(ORDO NEWS) — On October 28, active solar region 12887, directed towards the Earth , emitted a powerful X1-class flare, which reached our planet three days later.

The outbreak was powerful, but not “the most powerful” as many media headlines claimed, so there were no consequences.

But when a really powerful flash covers the Earth, it can lead, according to scientists, to the “Internet apocalypse” .

“We don’t need it, the Internet is yours!” some will say.

In fact, if we lose the Internet for a long period of time, then we, all of humanity, will have serious problems. All spheres of our life are so connected with the global network that without it we really cannot exist normally.

So what will happen to humanity if the Internet suddenly stops working?

In one day

Meta (until October 28, 2021 as Facebook) and Google will lose over $400 billion in ad revenue.

Most of the smaller companies will go out of business as banking, telephone and mobile networks depend on the internet to function to their full potential.

A week later

The modern electrical grid relies on the Internet to coordinate power plants and electrical substations.

Thus, without the Internet, the power grid of every more or less developed country will become unbalanced. Local blackouts in just a week will turn into blackouts for most of the world. Gas pipelines and heating systems will also stop working, as they need electricity and the Internet.

A month later

Gas stations use electricity to pump fuel, and they also need an Internet connection to monitor fuel levels, process payments, and arrange new deliveries. All this will be broken.

Without fuel, supermarkets will not be able to deliver food, and chaos will begin around all the main humanitarian aid points. Law enforcement and the army are unlikely to be able to solve this problem, because they also need fuel and supplies.

Medical institutions and rescue services will stop working as usual, as there will be no electricity, fuel, food, timely delivery of medicines and the ability to receive / process calls.

In a year

Developed countries will be able to recreate the basic fixed telephone network and begin to accustom society to the technologies of the past. Subsistence agriculture will return.

What happens if the internet suddenly stops working

Hunger, cold, lack of timely assistance and unrest will lead to a reduction in the world’s population by at least one billion people. The world economy will return to the level of the 1930s. It will take years or even decades to restore civilization.

That is why it is so important to come up with a way to protect the global Internet from this, because without it


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