What happens if oxygen on the whole Earth disappears for 60 seconds

(ORDO NEWS) — Let’s imagine that you were calmly walking down the street and suddenly felt that you were out of breath. What would happen next if all the oxygen on the planet disappeared for one minute?

The host of The Infographics Show YouTube channel told what would happen to people and other living creatures on Earth if all oxygen was gone for 60 seconds.

In total, there are two scenarios according to which events can develop after the disappearance of oxygen on the planet.

The first is that the Earth will simply collapse, and almost instantly. At the same time, if only oxygen did not become on the planet, then everything would develop differently and people would have a chance to survive.

So, the first scenario, in which oxygen in the atmosphere disappears. In one second, the sky will change slightly, as the sun’s rays will already need to pass through fewer gases to reach the Earth.

Also, after one second, your inner ear will explode due to the momentary change in air pressure caused by the lack of oxygen.

In general, the atmosphere of our planet consists of 21% oxygen. With the disappearance of oxygen, atmospheric pressure will change dramatically. Moreover, it will not be the pressure change itself that is dangerous for you, but the speed of this change.

If oxygen disappears instantly, it will be like moving from sea level to 6500 feet (about 2 km) above sea level. Therefore, your eardrums will burst and blood will begin to flow from your ears.

After three seconds, you will still feel air entering your lungs, but it won’t be enough for you. Oxygen is needed by the cells of the body to create energy. If there is no air, then the cells will simply begin to gradually die.

Even if you have nothing to breathe, you still will not die instantly due to lack of oxygen. On average, a person is able to hold out for about one to two minutes before irreversible brain damage.

After five seconds, you will still be breathing in air, but it is oxygen that is no longer there, so such a process will be meaningless.

After ten seconds, planes, cars and other vehicles stop – they just stop working. This is due to the fact that most engines work by mixing oxygen and gasoline.

In addition, without oxygen, the fire will go out everywhere.

If you fly an airplane at the time of the disappearance of oxygen, then after 15 seconds its engines will stop. Accordingly, the liner will simply begin to fall.

Even oxygen masks will not help, since the air you now breathe is mainly nitrogen, and this can lead to burns, spasms, swelling of the tissues of the throat and death. Unfortunately, none of the passengers on the plane will survive by the time oxygen reappears a minute later.

30 seconds after the oxygen is gone, you will most likely fall to your knees, trying to breathe. You will also begin to feel a slight burning sensation. The fact is that due to the disappearance of oxygen, it will take less time for the sun’s rays to reach the surface of the Earth.

In addition, ozone itself consists of three oxygen atoms, so the planet will also no longer have an ozone layer. As a result, your skin, if you stand on the street, will literally begin to fry and burn.

Since there is no more oxygen, the cells in your body will begin to die even faster. Due to ultraviolet radiation, DNA can also be damaged – up to the appearance of various mutations that can lead to cancer in the near future.

Due to the disappearance of the ozone layer, glaciers will begin to melt rapidly, and ocean waters will boil. Global temperatures in general will begin to rise strongly.

60 seconds after the disappearance of oxygen, you will begin to turn blue and lose consciousness. There will be no more oxygen left in your blood. If you don’t find a source of oxygen soon, you can’t be saved. By this time, fish, whales, turtles, seals will remain alive.

When oxygen returns to Earth a minute later, you will come to your senses and start coughing. You may have balance problems due to the inner ear, but you will still recover.

The second scenario is that oxygen will disappear for 60 seconds, not only in the atmosphere, but throughout the planet. In this case, the Earth would have been destroyed long before a minute had passed.

Every living being is mostly made up of water. Oxygen is generally needed for the processes necessary to sustain life to occur inside a living organism.

In other words, all people and all living beings would simply disappear immediately after the oxygen was gone. All that remains of the planet is a multitude of atoms. All buildings and mountains will also disappear.

In just two seconds, the oceans will disappear. Calcium and salt will remain in their place.

All buildings made of concrete will start to collapse immediately. As a result, they will turn into silica and lime. In this case, the metal frames will weld to each other, since all metals are covered with an oxide layer that will disappear.

Trees will also begin to fall apart, as more than 40% are made up of oxygen. In general, the entire planet will soon turn into dust after the disappearance of oxygen, since oxygen makes up about 45% of the earth’s crust and mantle.

In five seconds, all the elements that remain of the planet will be floating freely in open space. Further, a planet without oxygen will begin to form due to the attraction of all particles to the core. Its chemical composition will be different. The most common elements, scientists believe, will be pyrite and iron sulfide.

After 61 seconds, when oxygen returns to the planet Earth, life will begin to revive on it. True, this will not happen immediately. New living organisms will appear on the planet after several million years.


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