What happened immediately after the Big Bang

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have established that the Big Bang occurred 14 billion years ago. He gave rise to our universe. How many secrets about space still have to be solved, no one will say for sure. But there is one less mystery, as scientists were able to figure out what happened in the first microseconds after the Big Bang. It is reported by Phys.org.

A minute after the Big Bang an unknown push created dark matter

Scientists have studied quark-gluon plasma (chromoplasm), the so-called state of aggregation of substances and elementary particles. It is analogous to the state in which ions and electrons are in ordinary plasma. Chromoplasm consists of quark and antiquark gluons.

Chromoplasm is the only substance that existed in the first microseconds after the Big Bang. Chunks of quarks have transformed into hadrons, scientists have found. A hadron and three quarks formed a proton (part of the atomic nucleus). Already from these cores the Earth and other celestial bodies of the Universe turned out. The period of existence of a quark-gluon plasma was only 0.000001 seconds.

The study was carried out at the Large Hadron Collider. The LHC collides plasma ions at super speed. Thanks to this, it was possible to trace the creation and decay of plasma, its transformation into atomic nuclei. To make such research possible, scientists have worked continuously for 20 years.


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