What evidence is there for the existence of aliens and not a vowel division into species

(ORDO NEWS) — Ever since humanity realized itself as living not in the center of the Universe, covered with a crystal cap of the firmament, but on a relatively small rocky ball, one of the billions of such balls of the Universe, it does not get tired of thinking about whether there is life on other planets and exist. whether aliens.

This topic has turned out to be so exciting to the imagination of people that over the past hundred years, disputes about the possibility of the existence of aliens have not subsided all over the Earth, and the number of books is expressed in hundreds of thousands. So after all, do aliens exist – inhabitants of other stars and other planets?

Life can exist on planets that are not similar to Earth

What is needed for life to exist on the planet? On the example of the Earth, we can say that for the emergence of living organisms, the presence of a star like the Sun, a large amount of water and oxygen is necessary. Recently, scientists from the Universities of Bern and Zurich conducted scientific work and found strong evidence that conditions favorable for life can also arise on planets that are not similar to Earth. That is, somewhere in the depths of the galaxy there may be a dark planet, which is completely different from ours, but is home to something alive. If the researchers’ assumption is correct, the chances of finding aliens are greatly increased.

Why Scientists Think Martian Soil May Have Life

If you look at photos of Mars, it seems like a desert planet with no animals or plants. However, thanks to the work of numerous devices like the Perseverance rover, scientists have more reason to assume that once upon a time life could well have existed on the Red Planet. In 2020, scientists hypothesized that living beings first appeared inside the planet, and only then got to the surface. This is explained by the fact that in ancient times it was much warmer in the bowels of Mars than on the surface – this heat was needed both for melting ice and turning it into water, and for the flow of chemical processes inside living creatures. Recently, researchers from the American Institute of Planetary Sciences found one of the most favorable regions for life on Mars. Perhaps they lived there (and still live!

Dangerous aliens live in the Milky Way. Is it true?

In one of the previous articles, we found out that from 36 to 111 alien civilizations can exist in the Milky Way galaxy. For more than half a century, people have been trying to contact them by sending messages into space. For example, recently specialists from NASA decided to send signals directly to the center of our galaxy, but this idea was not well received by the scientific community. After all, there is a possibility that alien civilizations are hostile and, if humanity is discovered, they will simply destroy us. Doctor of Sciences Alberto Caballero conducted a thought experiment and concluded that of all the possible alien civilizations, at least four could pose a danger to humans. How did he come to this conclusion, and what do other scientists think of his work?

In how many years will humanity contact aliens?

According to the calculations of astronomers, there are a huge number of galaxies, stars and planets in the Universe. Many of them could certainly form habitable conditions, so why haven’t we met aliens yet? It was this question that the Italian physicist Enrico Fermi asked in the middle of the 20th century, and scientists have not yet found an answer to it. Recently, Chinese researchers Wenjie Song and He Gao conducted a thought experiment and found that human contact with an alien mind would occur in 400,000 years. If you consider that people started farming only 12,000 years ago, this is a huge amount of time. In addition, by this moment humanity may cease to exist, that is, we will never find aliens. But how did scientists get this figure and is there really no more optimistic forecast? Fortunately, he is.

Unexplained Signals

Fast radio bursts are mysterious phenomena in their own right. Scientists do not know exactly what causes them, although there are plausible (and not so) explanations for this phenomenon. One of the exotic hypotheses, which even some serious researchers are in no hurry to abandon, is that FRBs (especially those that are repeated) are signs of astro engineering activities of technologically advanced civilizations located in other galaxies. However, most astrophysicists are inclined to the version of the natural origin of fast radio bursts.

The problem is that a fast radio burst is generated by a phenomenon, as a result of which an enormous amount of energy is released at once. Single outbursts are often cited as neutron star mergers, giant star explosions, or active black holes. With repetitive radio bursts, the situation is more complicated, since giant cosmic cataclysms can rarely repeat in the same place over relatively short periods of time. Recent studies suggest that one of the possible sources of such signals are plerions – neutron star pulsars surrounded by a nebula. The stellar wind of pulsars interacts with the interstellar medium and generates powerful radio emission. Another “culprit” may be magnetars – neutron stars with a monstrously strong magnetic field.

Alien activity

However, the discovery of a 16-day FRB that “works like clockwork” has again led people to discuss the alien origin of radio signals. The 16-day cycle consists of four days of intermittent bursts and 12 days of silence.

While there are only guesses that this may be, however, the temporary absence of an exhaustive explanation of this phenomenon is not an argument in favor of aliens.

Moreover, there are arguments in favor of the fact that these cannot be alien civilizations.

In 2017, some physicists suggested that fast radio bursts are a leak of radiation from the propulsion systems of alien ships. Others have hypothesized that FRB is a one-way communication system between space civilizations in different galaxies. According to physicist Paul Ginsparg of Cornell University (USA), these explanations are not ruled out by the available data.

So, a group of American scientists put forward a hypothesis according to which FRBs arise during the acceleration of giant, but relatively light light sails, on which aliens direct rays of light. The calculated optimal beam frequency is similar to the frequencies found in ultrafast radio bursts, and the diameter of the emitter is comparable in scale to a large rocky planet.

The ubiquitous outbreaks

However, the main and main problem for these hypotheses is the variety of places where the sources are located and the distances to them. Those FRBs that have been localized are hundreds of millions to billions of light-years away from Earth. According to astronomer Seth Shostak of the SETI Institute (search for extraterrestrial intelligence), this reason alone is enough to reject the assumption of an artificial origin of fast radio bursts.

Shostak asked a rhetorical question: how could there be so many technologically advanced civilizations in the Universe that send the same signal? It didn’t take long after the Big Bang for aliens to coordinate by sending messages to each other and start using the same technology – even if they found a reason to do so. To admit that outbreaks are man-made, at least a hundred or so alien species would have to develop technology to a high enough level to produce a signal strong enough to be detected on Earth (which it was clearly not intended for).

For comparison: mankind only 125 years ago developed a technology with which you can send radio waves into space. That is, any radio signal from Earth traveled no further than 125 light-years from Earth. It weakens as it moves away, so at a sufficiently long distance it will become too weak to detect.

In addition, hypothetical alien civilizations would have to develop their technologies at the right time for all their signals to reach Earth in the same few years.

The Disappointing Truth

To date, scientists have no reliable evidence of the existence of alien civilizations.

This is paradoxical if we assume that the mind should appear where there are conditions for the emergence of complex life. However, it is known that on Earth, of all the numerous species, only man has a developed intellect. According to evolutionary ideas, human intelligence developed as a result of a number of random factors, that is, it was not an inevitable result of the evolution of living organisms – it should not at all lead to the appearance of intelligent beings. This is considered the main argument against the Drake equations, according to which there are many civilizations in the Milky Way alone.

Even seemingly inexplicable anomalies found in space objects – for example, in the interstellar asteroid Oumuamua – turn out to be of a natural nature. According to one of the astronomers studying FRBs, the best argument against the artificial origin of fast radio bursts is that all these signals have different strange properties: some are wide, others are narrow, others are polarized, and so on. If they really were the exhaust of spacecraft, it is unlikely that a good engine would create signals, for example, with polarization. However, the radiation of pulsars just has a similar variety of properties, which indicates the natural origin of the signals. In addition, since FRB emits an enormous amount of energy that is capable of destroying planets, this method is very impractical to use.

This does not mean that it makes no sense to consider the alien hypothesis when any anomalous cosmic phenomenon is detected. Scientists are exploring various possibilities that could help in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. For example, high-energy phenomena that do not fit into existing models may indeed be artificial activity, although the likelihood of this being rather low. Such exotic ideas may also interest the public in science or give impetus to the development of next-generation instruments. However, reliable evidence must always come first.

Why haven’t aliens been found yet?

There are many explanations for why people still have not made contact with aliens. All of them look at this phenomenon from different angles and may be correct, but it is currently impossible to verify this. Here are the most popular explanations for the Fermi paradox.

Aliens avoid Earth

On many of the 300 million potentially habitable planets, life could have arisen very long ago. During this time, aliens have had a lot of opportunities to develop better than you and me – smartphones, neural networks and other modern wonders may seem to them tools of the Stone Age. If this is indeed the case, the aliens may well be deliberately hiding from us and watching us until we are ready to contact them. In 1933, the Soviet scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky said that aliens can wait for the development of mankind to a certain level, and only then make themselves felt. This idea is best known as the “zoo hypothesis”, meaning that we seem to be primitive animals to extraterrestrial life at the moment.

Aliens might be too advanced

It may also well be that aliens have been sending us signals for a long time, but current technology does not allow us to catch them. Think for yourself – a few centuries ago, people did not even know what radio signals were, and could perceive it as magic. So there must be some very advanced ways of transmitting information that we don’t even know exist. In this case, other civilizations are sending us signals right now, but we just don’t notice them. And we can catch them only in the distant future.

Aliens could be extinct

It is possible that life on other planets could die out, and found the Earth. The fact is that in the course of the development of technology, even human civilization each time becomes closer to death. For example, many centuries ago, mankind could have died out only in the event of a natural disaster or an asteroid fall. And today we are at such a stage of development that we ourselves can provoke death – we massively pollute nature, invented nuclear weapons, and so on. It is possible that intelligent life existed on other planets, but the careless use of technology led them to self-destruction.

Aliens underdeveloped

However, why should aliens be smarter than us? It is impossible to exclude the possibility that life exists outside the Earth, but it is represented not by intelligent beings, but rather primitive animals. Surely, there are also a lot of species of living beings on other planets, but they may simply not develop to such an extent as to fly into space. There are also many living creatures on Earth, but only people have received strong development. The astrobiologist Charles Lineweaver once noted that dolphins had 20 million years to evolve, but they were never able to build an advanced society, let alone found a science.

Is there evidence of a UFO?

There is some evidence for the existence of UFOs. Many of them are eyewitness accounts.

Is there evidence of a UFO:

  • One of the Moscow families, returning home, heard a terrible, incomprehensible squeak, after which she noticed a luminous ball. It was not possible to make out the ball, except that it was silver in color. After 10 seconds, the unknown object disappeared.
  • In 1990, in Surgut, passengers of one flight witnessed a luminous ball, from which a kind of beam emanated, testing the aircraft. Most passengers on the plane claim that it was a UFO. Eyewitnesses prove the same thing, it is quite difficult to agree or come up with such a story.

In fact, UFOs exist: evidence

There are a lot of UFO channels on Youtube that provide a huge amount of strange footage, the origin of which has not been determined. These are usually lightning bolts, flying saucer models, sometimes photoshop. In addition to the rather dubious evidence of the existence of UFOs, there is convincing and reliable.

In fact, UFOs exist, evidence:

  • A strange phenomenon was noticed by a pensioner from Missouri. He put up for sale a fragment that he found 20 years ago. The material is unlike any known.
  • NASA telescopes repeatedly recorded unidentified, strange signals, the nature of which could not be explained.
  • In Australia, after a fire, a family discovered a strange silver ball that moved chaotically when exposed to music. The nature of this phenomenon has not yet been explained.
  • In Peru, a strange phenomenon was discovered that can only be viewed from a bird’s eye view. It is unlikely that the Peruvians a few centuries ago could do something similar, due to the lack of technology. Such an image was distinguished by a unique symmetry.

Aliens exist or not – evidence?

Many people are concerned about the presence or absence of UFOs. Some talk about having had contact with unidentified flying objects. However, in reality, if aliens visit the planet, they do so very discreetly. Scientists explain that it is almost impossible not to detect flying objects with modern technology. However, in practice, everything is different. If there are parallel worlds, alien organizations, perhaps in terms of development they are much higher than the earthly people. Accordingly, they will be able to pass through any sensors, as well as equipment that detects objects in the sky.

Aliens exist or not – evidence:

  • The developments of scientists who are in hiding. There are several scientific bases that are closed, do not advertise, do not disclose their work.
  • Many people identify UFOs as glowing balls or clouds. They are blurry silhouettes.
  • The second sign of contact with a UFO is a feeling of heat, cold, or lack of motor activity. A person just freezes for a while, he is paralyzed. At this time, interference in the radio waves can be identified.
  • The next stage of contact is a collision with living beings, that is, alien inhabitants. Many people claim to have been abducted by alien intelligence.

UFOs exist, aliens are already among us

There is now more and more evidence that UFOs exist. There are state programs, completely classified, which are engaged in such research. There are some scientific programs that are related to life outside the earth, and other planets.

UFO exists, aliens are already among us:

  • After a series of events, the public forced to declassify government documents. Of course, it is impossible to say that all of them were declassified. The Pentagon has indeed admitted that there is a secret Peas program. It includes tracking the UFO phenomenon. After that, the world learned about another program that is associated with the explorer Louis Elizondo.
  • He gave interviews to well-known channels and talked about the existence of alien life. A lot of research has been done at Bigelow space. This is a space tourism company founded in 1999. In the United States, several videos filmed in 2004 were declassified. According to the videos, the pilot aims the sight at flying objects that are difficult to attribute to terrestrial life.
  • Aliens not only explore the planet, but also live among us. Many of them are able to disguise themselves as a person. Accordingly, it is quite difficult to recognize them.

Many people believe that aliens live among people on Earth and there are some special ways to help you identify them. There are obvious aliens such as men in black, reptilians, “tall whites” and Nordics. There are others who have hypnotic powers or technology that allows them to disguise themselves among humans.

Alien identification

Obviously, every alien in disguise should look exactly like an ordinary person. Indeed, without disguise, a reptilian, for example, would be very easy to notice in a crowd in a shopping center. However, the culture of ufology speaks of a large number of humanoid aliens. Some people claim to have the ability to distinguish aliens disguised as humans. They have identified specific distinguishing features that are worth paying attention to, since these features are always present in the aliens.

Men in Black

Men in black have been talked about for decades. They can always be seen after people have encountered a UFO. There is still debate about who or what they are. Some believe that they can be considered some type of android, while others are of the opinion that they are robots. No matter what they are, men in black always look the same, and if you meet one of them, you will quickly understand why they are so different from the average person.

  • They have no facial hair, are very pale, always bald, but sometimes wear wigs.
  • They have big blue eyes (but they often wear sunglasses).
  • They wear long black coats, black suits, white shirts, black ties and black hats.
  • They are unemotional and speak in a monotonous robotic voice.

The advantages and disadvantages of identifying people in black are not easy to determine, as there is very little evidence in the form of photographs or videos. However, the videos still exist and they really confirm that these aliens visited the Earth at one time or another. The objects in these videos are fully consistent with the description. Those who have encountered people in black report that they are robots or clones. Based on these testimonies, we can safely say that the men in black are definitely not people.

Types of aliens


In March 2016, scientific journals began to report that more and more Pleiadians were appearing online. The Pleiadians claim to be aliens living among humans. They are also known as Nordics, or aliens with a Nordic appearance. And they tried to get in touch with people. They want to help people move to a new level of existence. The main characteristics of the Nordics:

  • high;
  • blondes;
  • Blue eyes;
  • thin, but athletic physique, outwardly attractive.

The Pleiadians came from the star systems surrounding the Pleiades. Some people believe that Scandinavians and Native Americans are descendants of this alien race. The Nordics themselves come from the planet Erra, which revolves around the star Taygeta. Well, the Pleiadians themselves consider themselves descendants of another alien race, similar to the planet Lyra, which is located in another galaxy. In addition to characteristic external signs, this alien race is given out by interests and concerns, such as:

  • care for the planet;
  • concern for the development of the human race;
  • learning the art of healing;
  • acting as a spiritual guide, helping others grow spiritually.

Identifying Nordic will not be easy, because so many people living in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Iceland can have all these traits and still not be aliens. Trying to distinguish a Nordic from a human seems to be very risky, so it’s best not to do it. The most reliable way to know that someone is an alien of a given race is to let him introduce himself as such. Or you can find out about it in the process of kidnapping.

“Tall Whites”

This is a type of alien about which there is very little information. They are said to be tall, white, and very interested in Earth culture. It is reported that older individuals of these aliens can reach three meters in height, while young ones can blend in with the crowd, as they are the same height as the average person. UFO specialist Chris Russak reports that most people, most likely, have seen these aliens in their lives, but did not even suspect that they were aliens. An experienced medium, Charlie Kundalini, said that they love Las Vegas, because they can often be seen in the casinos, as well as at conferences and in the theaters of this city. However, it is not known why they are attracted to this particular city.

Amorphous aliens

We can say that these are extremely incomprehensible creatures that, depending on the specific situation and mood, change their shape and appearance. They easily adapt to any environment and can be both clearly visible and completely invisible. The main advantage of these forms is their ability to adapt to absolutely any conditions and feed on the surrounding energy. It is difficult to say in what state you can find amorphous aliens, as they often mutate and are constantly in motion. These forms exist on many planets, but are incredibly difficult to track due to their constantly changing state and location.

Beast-like aliens

Despite their intimidating animal-like appearance, they are harmless. They are upright tall individuals with a developed intellect. They are mainly engaged in the study of landscapes and nature, and in rare cases they meet with a person. It can be said that they avoid contact with him. Most often they land in forests or mountains, away from human settlements. Retire on small aircraft.

Cluster aliens

They always live in colonies. Individuals are very hard to find. And even if they can exist without their fellow tribesmen, such a life does not last very long, since in the process of life they all exchange energy, food and other elements, without which it is impossible to function. If you break up such a colony, then the individuals will most likely die, because they cannot imagine their existence without constant symbiosis.

Phytomorphic aliens

In their appearance, they resemble plants and algae. At the same time, they have extraordinary mental abilities and are able to communicate telepathically. They often live in large colonies and rarely move. Although, they can move around the Universe in an attached state on spaceships. They can extract energy and food for themselves from almost everything. From simple gas, sunlight and other things. Their cells constantly regenerate energy and allow phyto amorphous aliens to multiply, regardless of the environment in which they live. It is noteworthy that they can easily survive in literally any environment. They only need a few hours to fully adapt.

The Ancient Maya and the Alien Ruler

One of the most interesting places on the planet, which suggests that the Earth has been visited by aliens since ancient times, is considered to be the ancient tomb of one of the Mayan rulers. The ruins of the city of Palenque, located in the picturesque jungle in the northeast of the Mexican state of Chiapas, forced researchers to talk not only about the calendars of these Indians, in which they find regular confirmation of the end of the world from year to year, but also about much more mysterious things.

Tombstone of Pacal’s sarcophagus

It turns out that the ruler of the Baakul Maya kingdom, the “sacred lord” Pacal, could be … an alien. The author of such a bold assumption was the Soviet science fiction writer Alexander Kazantsev. His hypothesis had plausible grounds. Firstly, the archaeologist Alberto Rus, who discovered Pacal’s sarcophagus in 1952, made a reservation that the leader was unusually tall for an Indian – 173 centimeters. And Pakal’s funeral mask depicts him as a person whose bridge of the nose begins much higher than the eyebrows.

However, talking about the unearthly origin of the Mayan leader was forced by the drawing on the lid of his sarcophagus. The image on it surprisingly resembles an astronaut in a rocket during launch. The Swiss publicist Erich von Däniken made this theory incredibly popular.

“We see on it a man who sits leaning forward, in the pose of a jockey or racer, in his carriage any child today recognizes a rocket,” he writes in his 1971 bestseller “Memories of the Future”. “It is pointed at the front, equipped with oddly curved protrusions that look like suction nozzles, and then widens and ends in flames. The man, leaning forward, uses both hands with a multitude of incomprehensible control devices, and with his left heel presses some kind of pedal. He is appropriately dressed: in short plaid trousers with a wide belt, in a jacket with a now fashionable Japanese collar and with tight-fitting cuffs. Active is not only the pose of such a clearly depicted cosmonaut – in front of his face, some kind of device hangs, and he watches him closely and carefully.

Crop circle in the south of England

Another mysterious place on the world map is the legendary Stonehenge. It in itself raises many mysteries. For example, how could people who did not have heavy equipment build a structure of multi-ton stones and design multiple underground structures around?

However, the phenomena that occur a few kilometers from this place not only arouse genuine interest among scientists, but also give rise to rumors about the constant visits of aliens to Earth. Over the years, the fields of Wiltshire have been filled with enigmatic patterns and regular circles of carefully arranged wheat. Many of them are hundreds of meters in size.

One of these circles was discovered in August 2016 on one of the fields between Wiltshire and Dorset. According to eyewitnesses, a giant circle of perfect shape with a mysterious pattern inside appeared in just one night. Moreover, after studying it, no traces of human presence were found, despite the fact that it very much resembled the logo of an American company that produces devices for smoking weed.

Scientists attribute the appearance of such circles to air vortices, which are widespread in the county area. Some skeptics even express the opinion that this is the work of man. However, carefully laying out a giant circle on the grass (and even with such a complex pattern) will only be possible for a virtuoso combiner. In addition, in the county itself, there has long been a specialized registration center for such circles. The organization’s website features more than 30 circles that appeared in the area in 2020 alone.

The mysterious circles of the Namib Desert

Another mysterious phenomenon can be observed in southwest Africa. In the Namib Desert, for no apparent reason, strange circles with a diameter of 2 to 15 meters, surrounded by dry green grass, appear and disappear.

Scientists are still trying to find a scientific justification for this phenomenon. Suggestions include termites that eat away roots inside the circle, or the adaptability of plants that have learned to deal with water shortages in this way.

“I love the UFO theory more than others, because it explains the origin of spots better than others,” Don Cowan, professor, director of the Center for Ecology and Genomics at the University of Pretoria (South Africa), jokes in an interview.

Geoglyphs of the Nazca Desert

Mysterious lines, which form about 30 drawings and about 700 bizarre geometric shapes, were discovered in the Peruvian Nazca desert. According to scientists, these geoglyphs appeared before the 12th century, but researchers have not yet decided to call them man-made. In the drawings, which are scattered over a plateau 50 kilometers long and 5–7 kilometers wide, one can easily see the silhouettes of a spider, a hummingbird or a monkey. However, these geoglyphs also contain a humanoid with a huge head and incredibly large eyes.

How to Spot a Humanoid Insider

First of all, you need to understand that the “aliens” are divided into two main groups: benevolent towards us or aggressive (Annunaki). What do aliens look like in real life?

Paul Hellier is sure that beings from the Cosmos have been living among people for a long time. Some of them actively help the American government. Another species of aliens, “White Tall”, live at a secret air force base in Nevada. The government provides them with laboratories to study humans in exchange for valuable extraterrestrial technology. But not only with America and Canada, the humanoids have almost sixty years of cooperation: the governments of other countries are also connected with them.

Ufologist Sergei Sukhinov fully agrees with Hellyer. He believes that the ability of “aliens” to reincarnate gives them the opportunity to be among earthlings, remaining unnoticed. Another Russian ufologist, E. Litvinov, made a report in which he developed a theory about the centuries-old presence of representatives of alien civilizations on Earth. It was on their initiative that intelligent life appeared on our planet. The Earth has always abounded with facts confirming the viability of this theory, starting from the eras of rock art, ancient myths and legends.

Litvinov classifies the humanoids living among us as follows:

  • biorobots;
  • aliens capable of transforming into humans; reptilians especially “sin” with this;
  • people who arrived from the future;
  • energy clones of people;
  • hybrids born from the connection of humanoids with earthly women;
  • the auras of “aliens” settled in human bodies.

Aliens, reincarnated as humans, often infiltrate the highest state structures and religious organizations. Their goal is to influence the life of mankind “from within”. By what external signs can they be recognized?

Humanoids posing as humans tend to have excellent physiques, tall stature, and large heads. But the hair is either absent or too sparse. Otherwise, their appearance is also similar to that of a human. Humanoid “aliens” shy away from too close contacts: they are clearly unpleasant direct glances, handshakes, hugs, presence in crowded places. They can go without food or water for several days without feeling hungry or thirsty. Alcohol does not intoxicate them. In addition, these creatures see well in the dark. But the reaction to the “secret humanoids” of terrestrial animals is especially indicative. They do not favor non-indigenous inhabitants of the Earth: they hiss, raise their hair, growl. When trying to photograph an alien, the film is often exposed to light.

Aliens are doubles of people

Another type of “earthly aliens” is twins. These creatures replace the kidnapped person, appearing to be his exact copy. The best thing about twins is their behavior and habits. They suffer from mental disorders, memory lapses, split personality. From somatic diseases most of all they are characterized by different types of allergies.

The actions of twins often seem illogical, ill-conceived, meaningless. They do not have firm principles and beliefs, their actions are spontaneous. They, like humanoid insiders, are extremely negatively perceived by animals.

What else is worth knowing about aliens among people

More than half of the “aliens” are shorter than a human, only a few races belong to the Tall. How else to recognize them among the indigenous inhabitants of our planet?

Among the “terrestrial aliens” are very rare female creatures. Those of them that “inhabit” a person appear completely unexpectedly and from nowhere, and just as mysteriously leave the bodies of people. These creatures are very developed intellectually and avoid any conflict situations.

Aliens do not notice the trick when they are asked about the structure of UFOs or life on other planets for the purpose of exposing them. They give out such information calmly, without any emotions.

Aliens abduct people

Each of the alien races, arriving on Earth and infiltrating human society, has its own goals. But the main one is genetic experiments.

According to the research of modern scientists, only 3% of the DNA helix information is of practical importance for humans. It is likely that a hundred aliens are hunting for this “extra” information. Most of the people abducted for experiments return to Earth with mental or physical disabilities. But not every victim of alien experiments manages to return home – some disappear without a trace. Unexplained disappearances, alas, occur more and more often.

Today, humanity does not have an effective way to resist extraterrestrial races, either in a technical or in a spiritual sense. It remains only to hope that the victory will remain with civilizations that are benevolent to earthlings, which will help us not to perish, but, on the contrary, to reach a much higher level of development.


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