What drugs contribute to the full functioning of the cardiovascular system

(ORDO NEWS) — It is unlikely that anyone can be responsible for the effectiveness of advertised vitamins for heart and vascular health.

However, experts believe that individual supplements can really help if there is a similar problem. In any case, it’s not worth taking anything on your own without a doctor’s prescription, only a cardiologist is able to prescribe the drugs that are needed, even if they are seemingly harmless vitamins.

What substances and vitamins should be consumed in order for the cardiovascular system to function fully

Omega-3 fatty acids, potassium and magnesium are proven to be effective. These are the substances that are able to demonstrate increased effectiveness when taken with food.

However, in some situations this may not be enough, then the patient is prescribed a diet with supplements. Omega-3 fatty acids prevent the formation of blood clots, prevent vascular inflammation and normalize blood pressure. It is enough to eat oily fish a couple of times a week in order to reduce the risk of dying from heart disease.

For those to whom experts put an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, there are drugs where the concentration of Omega-3 is increased. As a rule, we are talking about those people who suffer from type 2 diabetes and obesity.

A component such as magnesium takes an active part in protein synthesis, it can be used to control blood glucose and blood pressure. Lack of magnesium provokes the development of heart failure.

In order to get it from food, it is enough to eat legumes, nuts and green vegetables. In some situations, doctors prescribe supplements with such a substance. They are available as capsules or tablets, but solutions and powders can be used as an alternative.

Potassium is another unconditional “builder” of cardiovascular health. If he is limited in nutrition, then blood pressure begins to rise, which means that the risk of developing a stroke also increases. The main sources of potassium are fruits and vegetables.

It is enough to eat them about half a kilogram a day, even if it is an ordinary potato. Various amounts of potassium are presented in supplements, the most effective among them is potassium chloride. Preparations of this type should be used only if the deficiency of such a substance is confirmed by specialists.

If the doctor prescribes vitamins or any other medications, it is recommended to choose from them those that can be taken once a day – this will allow you not to stray from the recommended regimen.

Tablets, powders or liquid form – which will be more effective

The form of the drugs depends solely on the personal preferences of the patient, this does not have any effect on the effectiveness. It happens that it is inconvenient for someone to take pills, in this case it is possible to use powders or solutions.


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