What does the line of love on the hand mean?

(ORDO NEWS) — What does the line of love in the palm of your hand mean? By the way, it is also called the heart line. The ability to read from it can not only give a person hope, but also protect him from vain and even harmful illusions. There are two most common types of love lines. Let’s consider each of them in more detail.

Physical type

It includes people who have an ideal love line: clear, deep, with a smooth curve that ends between the middle and forefinger. On average, this line is found in every fourth person.

♦ The main role in love for these people is played by the “basic instinct”. These are optimists who know how to appreciate the external beauty of the opposite sex and at the same time have a pronounced love of love. They are always ready to flirt. Their choice, as a rule, falls on sexy and good-looking people with a small age difference: women prefer men a little older than themselves, men, of course, younger women. People of this type do not experience problems with expressing their feelings. Rather, they are burdened by the inability to express their feelings. They do not hesitate to discuss intimate relationships. They love to talk about love stories and the merits of partners.
♦ This type of person can be quite windy. They fall in love easily and just as easily endure a breakup with a partner. Do not feel too uncomfortable having several novels at the same time. In dealing with the opposite sex, they take an active position. They begin their intimate life early enough. Get married for love. Always open to relationships. Such people are not lonely and give their partner everything he needs in love. Women have true femininity, men have masculinity.

Idealistic type

Characterized by a straight line of love. Seeing such a line, you can safely talk about problems with the opposite sex. Unfortunately, this option is quite common. Maybe that’s why there are so many divorces today.

♦ People belonging to this type, in the first place in love, put not sex, but romantic relationships. They often have very high demands for a partner with low self-esteem. Their ideal should have all the virtues: intelligence, nobility, life experience, material wealth.
♦ Women of this type prefer to have a relationship with a partner who is significantly older than them (on average by 10 years). Men also choose companions for themselves with a noticeable age difference: both much younger than themselves and much older. These people keep their feelings secret for a long time and try not to show them again. Moreover, they do not like to discuss their intimate life.
♦ In a relationship with a loved one. They behave, as a rule, passively, trying not to take responsibility for what is happening. Rarely are their love relationships equal. More often, there is a distribution of roles on the basis of “father-daughter” and “mother-son”. People of this type are monogamous. They are going through a breakup with a partner hard and alone. They can do without sex for a long time and without a partner at all. Are prone to marriage of convenience. Under unfavorable conditions, they easily become misogynists or feminists.
♦ The life of idealistic women who are married is often dramatic. They can be called Chekhov’s “darlings” living in the shadow of their ideal. And this leads to a loss of individuality and, accordingly, interest on the part of a man. When the period of idealization ends, the idol is overthrown, accusations of “ruined youth” await him. In sex, Idealists, of course, are not as active as people of the opposite, physical type, but you cannot call them ice-chips in bed either. As one movie heroine used to say, “Don’t look that I’m a mathematician, I’m in love with Einstein!”
♦ The most difficult type of Idealistic type is the short, straight heart line. It is called the monk’s line with all the ensuing consequences. Such people usually have one love for life – self-love.

Non-standard parts

A heart line curving towards the hill of Mars (located under the little finger) can be a sign of a penchant for same-sex love.

A distinctive sign on the hand is the end of the love line, consisting of three branches, similar to a trident. This shape is called the Trident of Love. As noted in the Kamasutra, love is the fusion of three senses: mind, soul and body. A person who has a trident on his hand happily combines all these feelings in his love relationship. The love of such people, as a rule, is harmonious, and the marriage is happy. They build smooth, stable and long-term relationships. Responsible. They always need a partner and easily find him. These people can be called the “golden mean” – for them, both the physical and moral dignity of their partner are equally important.

An “island” on the line of the heart speaks of unrequited love or probable separation. Breaks in the line speak of treason, betrayal, loss. Another unfavorable sign may be branches extending to the nearest line from the line of the heart – the line of the head (mind). Such a subject needs to learn to control his feelings, since they can often prevail over the mind.


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