What does Runa Fehu mean, how the magic of a symbol can help you get rich

(ORDO NEWS) — The first rune of the Elder Futhark is Fehu. Mostly it is associated with prosperity, wealth, material wealth. But to perceive it only in this way is not entirely correct. The sign is simultaneously patronized by Fire and Water. With the help of this symbol, you can find true greatness, achieve success in any endeavors. An amulet with a magnetic rune Fehu has a powerful energy that attracts good luck, helps to avoid mistakes and creates situations around a person that open up new opportunities for the implementation of the plan.

The history of the symbol

When viewing the ancient Scandinavian alphabet, the Fehu rune is placed first. She descended from the fertility god Freyr, the Roman goddess of love Freya. Since the time of the ancient Scandinavian gods, the Fehu runes have been used in order to obtain well-being in the following activities:

  • rituals of magic;
  • mystical disciplines.

When figuring out the meaning of the Fehu rune, many people will find out that it stands for cattle. Previously, the owners of sheep, cows, goats were considered rich.

The deep meaning of the Fehu rune

The exchange of forces leads to the topic of resources, and they are limited, and this is the first thing to know when working with the occult power that pervades the magician. Fehu has this meaning. Action will be limited by potential. The incentive to work with Fehu will be the lack of resources. The result of the work is the replenishment of the resource, its availability as a tool, means, energy, etc.

The symbolism of the Fehu rune: meaning, description and their interpretation – ambiguity, authenticity of ownership of resources (life, wealth, beauty or health). If it is typical for a person not to be, but to seem with a lack of material well-being, then Fehu will be used as a direct source, most often in magic it is used precisely to attract money.

If the question is in a spiritual vein, then it is about ownership as a personal issue. Trying to act according to the principle of “divide and conquer”, the universalism of existence is overlooked, often a person does not belong to himself. The runic symbol can also be presented in a personal context.

At first it may seem that the arsenal of magical interaction with the symbol is limited, but the rune perfectly shows itself both in interpretation and sign, and as a talisman and amulet, i.e. on practice.

Description of the rune

Ancient Celtic tribes often depicted these runes on household items, dwellings, and ritual pillars. Symbols were carved into stones, trees, and iron. Due to the complexity of the application, the images had an angular shape.

runa fehu i131541 2

The shape is similar to the Latin letter “F”. This symbol is especially popular in modern society, among people who practice fortune telling on the runes. Fehu’s main purpose in magic is to attract:

  • good luck in financial affairs;
  • love and positive emotions in relationships;
  • Money;
  • success in new endeavors.

Important! Runa Fehu does not give its blessings to those people who are overcome by laziness. It can lead to a certain degree of success for someone who makes an effort to achieve their goal.

Therefore, the rune loves active and courageous people, it helps them especially strongly.

Character characteristic

  1. The personification of power and power. And very large-scale, affecting everything around. The action of the rune can be compared to a natural disaster that cannot be prevented.
  2. Fertility symbol. Comprehensive – the energy of the rune acts in such a way that everything blooms and develops around
  3. It also symbolizes a huge both destructive and creative power. The value will depend on which direction you direct the action of the rune
  4. She is also the personification of the unity and harmony of two people or fundamentally opposite phenomena. This is a powerful attraction of “plus” and “minus” with their subsequent unification into one whole
  5. Fehu is evolution, progress, development. Moreover, they are very fast, dynamic, they cannot be stopped.
  6. This is the formation of a personality, its socialization, the development of external and internal potential.

In combination with other runic symbols, Fehu is the embodiment of a process that runs from birth to reincarnation of something, the stages of a phenomenon from its birth, life, death to rebirth. In this case, the symbol is the energy that allows the process or phenomenon to move and develop.

It contains tremendous power, but not stable, but mobile, something that does not stand still.

How does the rune affect energy channels

Rune Fehu is considered a magnet for luck, such a magical element that constantly creates happy accidents around you, builds life according to the regime “always in the right place at the right hour.” If you carry with you a talisman with the image of this rune, then every day a unique energy field is amplified around you, which keeps this very good luck with you.

You get a kind of siddha, or superpower to get out of the water, get all the best, without even planning your actions. Your energy field, which includes a signal from the Fehu rune, becomes the basis of wealth and power in your life. You get countless opportunities and guarantees that any of your undertakings will lead to results, however, the effort must be made.

Fehu encompasses the concept of circulation. This means that no matter how intensively you spend the money received through your luck, they will come to you again. Working with this rune, you start a portable motor, which again and again attracts more and more new benefits to you. The money already accumulated earlier will also work best for you under the guidance of the energies prescribed in Fehu.

At the start of new affairs, Fehu activates your will, restores self-confidence and helps in setting goals. Use this symbol and its energy against procrastination, for the implementation of new ideas, meeting the right people, good luck in financial affairs. Fehu gives the one who interacts with her strength and enthusiasm for the implementation of plans, as well as unexpected, but very beneficial offers.

The meaning of the Fehu rune in layouts

Novice magicians try to understand what Fehu is, what it can mean. It is required to identify the layout rules that apply to business, love, health. Each direction has its own meaning of symbolism.

What does the rune Fehu mean in fortune telling for work and business

The sign often overlaps with business and work. If you use it in this sense, any actions become positive, bring the effect:

  • career;
  • the success of the completed project;
  • receiving income from investments;
  • getting a new job.

To understand what kind of positive moment will arise from the runes, use one of the following combinations.

  • Raido – Fehu. The user receives income after long-term work, travel on a business trip. He needs to move, if he will sit still, there will be no profit.
  • Gebo – Fehu. A person needs to enter into partnerships in order to succeed in business.

If an inverted sign is caught, a person will fail. Laguz, Dagaz, Inguz will help to eliminate it.

What does the rune Fehu mean in divination for love and relationships

In relation to love, a symbol can symbolize both gain and loss. To do this, it must be forward or backward. For a better understanding of the meaning, it is necessary to use adjacent symbols.

  • Berkan. When interacting with this symbol, the loss of a woman for a man or a child for a woman is possible. A person needs to be careful.
  • Teyvaz. Completion of a relationship between a woman and a man.
  • Mannaz. In combination with an inverted Fehu, the sign indicates the end of the relationship with a representative of either gender.
  • Isa. In combination with an inverted Fehu, it means the need to think about relationships. A person must analyze their emotions so as not to break the connection.

Symbolism can speak not only of the loss of a relationship. If the sign is straight, the person will meet the other half soon.

What does the rune Fehu mean when fortune-telling for health

In this meaning, the rune can work depending on the construction:

  • direct icon – normal health or improvement in well-being after an illness;
  • the opposite is the manifestation of deviations in the state of health in the near future.

When the symbol is inverted, not only diseases can occur. A person can get hurt.

In an upright position

The direct position most often has favorable interpretations:

  1. The fortuneteller expects tremendous success in the professional field. Career growth, profitable deals, acquisition of large clients
  2. Favorable changes in personal life are coming. It can be a romantic acquaintance, marriage, harmonization of existing relationships, the birth of a new love.
  3. Successful resolution of existing problems. Difficulties and obstacles will be left behind, ahead is a calm and successful life filled with happiness and well-being
  4. Fulfillment of cherished desires. A dream that has long been in your imagination will come true without any effort on your part. Destiny will provide many chances so that you can get what you want.
  5. A very good sign if the rune fell out in fortune-telling for money. Then it promises a big profit, a big win. Money will appear easily and as if from nowhere
  6. In the life of a fortuneteller, a situation will arise in which you need to be decisive, defend your opinion and not be provoked by others

Fehu in a direct position means money, luck, success, solving personal problems. This is a white streak in life that will not be overshadowed by anything. This is a tremendous growth, an improvement in the quality of life, the embodiment of desires and the realization of long-established goals, the acquisition of something important, valuable for a person.

Tip for falling out in an upright position: you need to concentrate as much as possible on the financial side of your life. Now you can not be negligent and inattentive to work duties. Turn off your imagination, stop daydreaming and get busy.

Now is the best time to preserve and increase the existing capital – take the chance, in the future such an opportunity may not be presented. Engage in strengthening business ties, acquiring new partners. Evaluate all situations that arise with reason, not emotions. You have all the advantages to achieve a lot – take advantage of them.

In an inverted position

Most often it has unfavorable values. For example:

  • You will find yourself involved in some extremely risky venture. Think well before taking part.
  • In a relationship with a loved one, a crisis is coming. You will be covered with a wave of misunderstandings, conflicts and quarrels. Try to be more restrained, so as not to destroy love, but to preserve and strengthen it.
  • Work and financial affairs will not turn out very favorable for you. Losses and serious expenses are coming. You need to be as focused as possible, carefully consider each decision
  • In the near future, you will have to experience serious disappointment, which will give you a lot of negative emotions.
  • You risk losing something that is very valuable and meaningful to you.
  • On the way to the intended goal, serious obstacles and difficulties will arise, which will be very difficult to overcome.

Fehu in an inverted position is a sign that a black stripe is coming. There are many difficulties to face. Your mood and state of mind will be extremely negative, which can affect your relationships with loved ones. Problems with money, work, relationships will bring discord in life.

Advice when falling out in an inverted position: now you need to be extremely careful about money and any financial transactions. Avoid large expenses and rash expenses. Now is not the best time to invest in anything.

Try to evaluate any negative situation from the outside, as if you are an outsider, and the outcome of the event is completely irrelevant to you.

Runa Fehu in career divination

Feu is the patron rune of all businessmen. The features of the symbol, leading at the same time to accumulation and continuous development, make the sign a good amulet for everyone who is engaged in trade.

Direct position

In his usual position, Fehu is a good messenger. In business, growth in demand is foreshadowed, the success of innovative projects, the well-deserved fruits of long-standing investments. For ordinary workers, the symbol guarantees an increase in the career ladder or an increase in income. At the event level, the rune predicts a large bonus or an unexpected but pleasant business trip.

For those looking for a job, the symbol promises decent and honest employers, a successful interview.

To consolidate success, it is better to use the rune as a talisman – draw it on a piece of paper and take it with you on the first working day. Even with a complete lack of faith in the power of runic amulets, the presence of such a talisman will help to calm down and collect thoughts.

Inverted position

In the opposite sense, Faheu bears bad news to the fortuneteller. Failure projects and monetary losses await a person ahead. The reckless spending of the fortuneteller contributes to ruin.

Job seekers in the coming period should exercise the utmost caution. The rune warns of scammers and swindlers. In this case, a potential employer can pay an advance, and then leave the fortuneteller without paying for the work done.

At the spiritual level, the symbol indicates a narrow type of thinking, unwillingness to develop. Lack of competence can lead to dismissal – the company does not need uneducated employees.

Also, the sphere of activity leads a person to a dead end. So, professions with daily payment for manual labor can interfere with the development of a fortuneteller – initially such a job was chosen as a side job, but over time it turned into a permanent source of income.

In what situations can the amulet with the Fehu rune help?

In order to improve your relationship with money, to make money “love” you, you need to charge your energy field through the Fehu rune. You can, for example, put an image of the Fehu rune on your wallet or those items that have a connection with money – perhaps you save money in the old fashioned way in a piggy bank, in books, or just in a box in a dresser. If a rune symbol is applied to an item, it will not only attract monetary energy, but protect the safety of savings.

Also, the amulet with the Fehu rune will help its owner open a new business, succeed in business, and increase his income at work. The protective function of the rune helps to protect the owner from loss and leakage of money – you can, for example, get rid of loans and debts.

The interpretation of Fehu in magic

Rune Fehu is used in magical rituals to achieve the following goals:

  • Get rid of negative energy in the house, eliminate the influence of black magic
  • Solve problems in relationships with a spouse, lover
  • Save personal property when moving
  • Find the best way out of the current, very difficult and incomprehensible situation
  • Ensure a favorable result of a real estate transaction

Talismans with this rune are able to push any stagnant process, make things move. Also, amulets and charms with this symbol help to restore lost health and protect a person from any negative coming from outside.

Rune Fehu in mythology

Goddess Freya is the patroness of the Fehu rune. The symbol is associated with the Brisingamen gold necklace, an artifact she owns. The adornment was made by four dwarfs especially for the Goddess. Legend has it that only after spending a night with each of them did they give Freya the necklace.

Experts differ on the functionality of this artifact. Some believe that jewelry can relieve pain in women during childbirth. This version is confirmed by the myth not about the necklace, but about the Brisingamen belt. They used to believe that a charmed wardrobe item would help a woman in labor.

Others believe that a necklace can make the wearer significantly more attractive. But this hypothesis raises doubts, since the Goddess was already the most beautiful and she did not need such artifacts.

Other researchers claim that the necklace embodies the Four Elements. This is due to the legend of four nights spent with dwarfs, which symbolize specific elements.

The most convincing version is that Freya is the Goddess of Fertility. Thanks to the artifact, she was able to subdue the Four Elements to her Will. The rune Fehu is interconnected with the first living being that appeared at the dawn of the Universe – Cow Audumla. Fertility deities are found in the mythologies of different peoples. For the ancient Slavs, it was Veles.

The analogue of the rune in Slavic culture

Rune Is is considered an analogue of Fehu: it symbolizes the flow of life, the energy that feeds all living things. Outwardly, there is like the opposite of Fehu: in place of the horns there are two streams of milk or hands that milk the cow. The sap of plants that makes them bear fruit is the energy of the rune. Runa Fehu is indirectly associated with the god of cattle in ancient Slavic mythology Veles.

Application in magic

They are used to make amulets both independently and in formulas. To open a financial flow, they meditate on it. To raise funds, she is depicted on objects that come into contact with banknotes: wallets, piggy banks, caskets. Decorating with a symbol will help the owner get rid of even hopeless poverty. The sign is able to protect the cargo during transportation from theft or damage.

Runic amulet

The talisman with the presented runic symbol is a frequent companion of travelers and merchants. Runes Fehu amulet works, for example, on a transported cargo or car. With Fehu, the concentration of a person increases, the acquired attention allows avoiding mistakes and troubles.

Sometimes the rune is used as an element of healing, a talisman for a patient or a doctor. Although this application is not so popular, Fehu can also be used to cleanse a place of negative energy. The tool obtained with the rune serves a deep motive perfectly, and is less intended to be decoration, bragging, and an end in itself.

Runa Fehu, a photo image that can be found on a wallet or in a house where a new infusion of energy and money is urgently needed, is unlikely to justify itself. The acquired funds, which have become baggage, and not a tool, will not turn the situation back on track.

The use of a rune symbol (amulet) has its consequences – gain the opportunity or eliminate the following disadvantages of Fehu:

  1. Meditate. Fehu as a designation of a gift of fate, a well-deserved reward or a valuable acquisition – why do you receive this at a particular moment? How will your life change with the new acquisition?
  2. Streamline. When working with Fehu, everything should be in place. The result of Fehu’s action, be it money or a surge of energy, is best used in a short period of time and with maximum efficiency. Consider how to apply these fruits.
  3. Do not relax – it’s time to strengthen your will. Any gift is an opportunity, but by no means an indulgence if you are strong in spirit. Do not expect the gifts of fate to become something regular. Try to nurture yourself at a time when the universe itself is moving towards.

Application in rituals

  • A number of magical meanings of Fehu – growth, prosperity, strengthening of old ties and a chance to enlist new contacts, strong roots;
  • A new level of relationship, the ability to expand and develop;
  • The meaning of ownership for Fehu is something very durable, usually associated with looking into the future;
  • Rune Fehu in love works as a stimulus for physical contact, and to a lesser extent – for a romantic, spiritual connection.

Rune tips

In business and new beginnings, do not expect much help from the rune if the enterprise is held up by deception and dishonest exchange. It is not typical for a symbol to endow a person with either dexterity or eloquence – its action is as direct as possible. It is important to expect the same directness from yourself.

The cosmology that accompanies the work of any rune, including Fehu, is associated with expectation and time frames. Counting on the quick receipt of a certain good, you can be seriously mistaken. First of all, in terms of the resource, a favorable moment is also assumed, that is, a favorable combination of circumstances. Therefore, it is important to be patient for the one who turns to the great power of Fehu.

On the other hand, your desires and motives will end up on the scales at some point. Mercantile attitude, quick earnings are unacceptable here. Your task is not to win the lottery, but to simulate conditions that will reveal you from a positive side. If giants like Jupiter or Saturn appear in your horoscope, then the effect of using this rune will be enhanced.

Atlanteans, or giants, similar to Scandinavian mythology, in ordinary life bring rapid changes. The coin you flip will fall and then flip over – sometimes multiple times. It is important to look from different perspectives, and to analyze in detail the impact of the award received.

Jupiter and Saturn compete with each other while balancing. Certain disagreements caused by the work of these planets and the direct connection of celestial bodies and yourself will lead to an ultimatum, or coup. After the fall – takeoff, after the crisis – another success. This is a positive outcome, and Fehu is trying to lead to it as gently as possible.

Fehu has a positive attitude towards people who value invisible benefits above all others. Of course, it does not exclude either a rational approach or common sense. However, knowledge brings a broader vision of the world, and this is the most valuable find that a magician can present. For everyone else, it will bring new information, threads from which one can weave both a worldview and one’s own destiny.

Questions for meditation on the Fehu rune

There are the following queries with which you can get answers during meditation:

  • the correctness of receiving energy from the universe;
  • actions required to obtain wealth;
  • the direction of allocating energy to attract money;
  • what business needs to be developed in order to receive material benefits;
  • reasons for the lack of profit from work.

It is recommended to use only this rune in order to properly attract material wealth. Energy gradually appears, which should not be blocked, but spent on the necessary things.

Combination with other runes

Fehu can cooperate with 2, 3, 4 runes. The result will depend on their number and value.

Combination of Fehu with the following characters in a double meaning:

  • Uruz – receiving an inheritance;
  • Turisaz – nervous tension, breakdown, depression;
  • Ansuz – a successfully completed project;
  • Kano – luck for solving problems;
  • Gebo – participation in non-recommended activities.

Triple symbolism is possible when Fehu is combined with the following icons:

  • Inguz-Otal – search for a new job;
  • Kenaz-Vuno – removal from losses, a way out of a difficult situation;
  • Nautiz-Eyvaz is an award for hard work.

If you use different symbols, the positive result increases many times over.

Fehu combination of 4 characters:

  • Otal-Berkana-Soulu – a magnet for financial flow;
  • Uruz-Otal-Soulu – becoming to start your own business;
  • Inguz-Otal-Dagaz – getting a fair payment.

runa fehu i131541 10

How to draw correctly

The rune will become a magical symbol only if it is portrayed correctly. For Fehu, there is a certain order of drawing lines. First, they draw a vertical one, then, stepping back 2-3 cm from the top, 2 diagonal ones with the same interval. There are no horizontal stripes on the symbol.

How to paint on the body to attract good luck

To apply the symbolism, water-based paints or henna are used. It is recommended to select a harmless composition that washes off after receiving wealth from the rune.

Lines are applied with smooth, even movements. It is forbidden to correct them. The drawing is done on the back, chest, abdomen, wrist, shoulder. Tattoos are used, but after their application, removal is prohibited, otherwise the luck will disappear.

Rune Fehu is one of the most effective symbols that brings good luck and wealth. It can be used by experienced magicians who have learned the basis of the mantic. The badge must be applied correctly, then the person will be lucky. Fehu can be used alone or in combination with other symbols to compose a stav.

How is it used?

If the symbol is inscribed three times, then its owner will be able to achieve any goals, since the circumstances will develop in a favorable way.

The Fehu rune, which brings benefits to the user, is used not only to solve financial issues. The symbol is a powerful talisman that protects the owner from various losses, diseases, business problems, damage, evil eye, theft. For protective and protective purposes, a combination of Fehu with other runes is often used, which enhances the effect of the formula. The proven staves used to implement the plan are as follows:

  • Triple rune Feu. It attracts wealth into life, opens up new ways to achieve a goal, adjusts events so that the whole world becomes supportive of a person and he can make the most unrealizable dreams come true.
  • Runescript Odal – Fehu – Yera. Clears money channels, increases existing wealth, property.
  • Becoming containing the runes Dagaz – Evaz – Fehu – Vuno. It helps to open up new opportunities for the operator to implement their plans, which ultimately contribute to positive changes.

The combination of this symbol with Otala, Berkana, Soulu will enhance its effect many times over.

  • Kano or Kenaz – Fehu – Vuno.
  • Fau – Otala – Berkana – Soulu.
  • Berkana – Otal – Fehu.
  • Ansuz – Nautiz – Fehu.
  • Algiz – Fehu – Algiz.
  • Turisaz – Fehu – Yera.
  • Fehu – Uruz – Raido.
  • Mannaz – Feu – Raido – Gebo.
  • Laguz – Perth – Feu.
  • Algiz – Fehu – Otal – Fehu – Algiz – Teivaz – Sovilo.
  • Inguz – Odal – Gebo – Fehu.
  • Dagaz – Feu – Uruz – Otal.

To protect yourself and your property from thieves, it is recommended to make a talisman on which the runes Algiz and Fau are written.

How to activate correctly

The activation process is carried out in three stages.

A graphic representation of the rune. The most basic way is to draw a symbol on a piece of paper or use a photograph, but the fragility of the material makes it unreliable. It is better to make an amulet of wood, metal or leather. You can use a ready-made talisman, but it is better to make them yourself.

Charge with positive energy. This is achieved with the help of conspiracies, but the thought can be formulated in your own words. Depending on how it is easier for you to concentrate, the text is spoken to yourself or out loud. At the same time, it is recommended to close your eyes and present a symbol in front of you.

Activation of the Fehu rune. The process differs depending on the desired outcome.

Fire activation is carried out for success in personal life or love. It is believed that he will be able to rekindle feelings between people. This method can be used for all materials except paper.

It is necessary to light a small fire or light a candle. Bring the talisman with the rune carefully to the fire. Watch carefully so that it does not catch fire.

By the power of air, activation is carried out to help in planning matters or to make the right decision. To do this, breathe deeply, hold the breath for a few seconds, concentrating on the mental message to the sign. Then the air is exhaled onto the rune image. The energy merges with the human aura and enhances the effect of the talisman.

With the help of earth or water, the Fehu rune is activated to attract finance. The amulet is wrapped in natural fabric and buried in the forest, or placed in any body of water for half an hour. The main thing is that the place is deserted and quiet. After the allotted time, the talisman will be charged.

Rune Fehu in runescripts

The most popular connection in runescripts:

Fehu, Fehu, Fehu – to attract wealth and finance.

Other combinations and meanings of signs:

Dagaz, Eyvaz, Fehu, Otal, Yera – attracts career success, respect from subordinates and superiors.

Soul, Soul, Fehu – promises success in a new job and in all endeavors.

Dagaz, Fehu, Dagaz, Otal – are used in case of financial difficulties, when money is urgently needed, or to solve material problems.

Algiz, Fehu, Uruz, Otal, Soul are used in business to attract customers.

Runa Fehu is one of the most powerful symbols that helps to solve problems in many areas of life. She helps with risky business or difficult projects. In love, it creates harmony, understanding and tranquility between lovers. Remember, the rune itself does not fulfill desires, but only contributes to their implementation.

Terms of use

The magic of the runes is very powerful and does not have the opposite effect. Turning to her for help, you should be sure of her need. Runa Fehu does not fulfill desires by itself, but pushes a person to the right decisions and helps to achieve the goal.

One cannot expect instant success or doubt the outcome of the ritual. Impatience can destroy runic power.

Attention! It is strictly forbidden to carry out the ceremony as a joke or use a sign with an unknown meaning.

It is also important to draw the Fehu rune correctly. It is necessary to carefully study the symbol and familiarize yourself with all the intricacies of its use. Only after making sure that the rune is depicted correctly, you can begin to include it in life.

Activation depending on the value

The process takes place in three stages.

  1. A graphic representation of the rune. The easiest way is to draw the symbol on paper or use a photo, but it is considered unreliable due to the fragility of the material. Wood, leather or metal works best. Sometimes ready-made amulets are used, but it is better to create them yourself.
  2. Charge with positive energy. For this purpose, conspiracies are used, but you can formulate a thought in your own words. The text is said aloud or silently, depending on how it will be easier to concentrate. Some advise you to close your eyes and remember what the symbol looks like.
  3. Activation of the Fehu rune. This process will differ depending on what result is expected.

Activation for love and success in personal life is best done with fire. It is believed that this will inflame feelings between partners. This method is suitable for all materials except paper.

  1. Light a candle or small fire.
  2. Carefully bring the rune amulet to the fire. Care must be taken to ensure that it does not catch fire.

Activation for the right decisions and assistance in planning cases is carried out by the power of air. To do this, you need to take a deep breath and hold your breath for a few seconds, formulating a mental message to the symbol. Then exhale the air on the rune image. Thus, the energy merges with the person’s personal aura and enhances the effect of the amulet.

You can activate the Fehu rune to attract money with the help of water or earth. You need to wrap the amulet in a piece of natural fabric and bury the bundle in the forest or place it in some body of water for 30 minutes. It is important that the space is quiet and deserted. After this time, Fehu is considered charged.

Rune in divination

In divination, not only the symbol matters, but also in what position it fell out. In the upright position, the signs most often carry a positive meaning, and in the inverted position they warn of misfortunes and troubles.

If, during fortune-telling, the rune of the day Fehu falls out in an upright position, this is a very good sign. Success in financial affairs awaits a person. Perhaps he will receive a lucrative job offer or turn up a good investment of money. If the rune comes across to someone who is experiencing financial difficulties, then they will soon end.

Rune Fehu has a positive meaning for love and relationships. For those who are in a quarrel, reconciliation, marriage and a happy life together shine. Lonely, this sign promises a quick meeting with a partner or a romantic acquaintance.

Fehu is the rune of the fulfillment of desires, therefore, if it falls out during fortune-telling, you need to immediately act in the area in which you want to succeed. You can get a new job, take on risky projects and tasks, invest money, confess your feelings. It helps to think soberly, make plans correctly, find the best solution for any situation. The main thing is to act confidently and not doubt the result.

The fallout of the inverted Fehu rune promises an unfavorable time in life. The financial situation can be significantly affected. In business, losses await, at work – difficulties, salary cuts, possibly even dismissal. Theft and betrayal must be feared.

It is better not to waste money and not make useless purchases, as a shortage of funds is expected in the near future. You cannot invest them – the enterprise will probably burn out.

In personal life, a black streak can also come. Quarrels, misunderstandings are expected, even betrayal is possible. In such a situation, you will have to make a lot of efforts so as not to lose your loved one. There is no need to give in to momentary hobbies and sacrifice long-term relationships – this will destroy an old love.

The inverted Fehu, which fell out during fortune-telling, is not a sentence, but a warning. If you take it seriously and do not commit rash actions, you can save money and not lose personal happiness.

Amulets and talismans

You can buy an amulet with a rune or make it yourself. The second method is safer, because then the amulet is charged with personal energy. A store item can be endowed with negative energy and carry the opposite meaning.

The easiest way to make a talisman is to draw a symbol on a blank sheet of paper and carry it with you. At the same time, you need to most accurately visualize your desires and present the result. True, the duration of such an amulet is short – from one day to a week. It makes sense to create it before an important event, when you need to get support from Fehu, for example, before an interview, the delivery of a project, or a financial investment.

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For a longer duration, you can create a talisman from a tree. Users write good reviews about him. Long-lasting and strong woods are best suited. The material can be bought or obtained, for example, by cutting down a branch. Healers and magicians recommend purifying the energy of the tree. The easiest way is to leave it overnight under the moonlight. The rune must be carved, not drawn. This requires a sharp knife. It is advisable that it is not used for other purposes and is intended only for magical rituals. In order not to be mistaken, you must first draw the symbol with a pencil, and then cut it along the contour. During work, you need to concentrate on the thought of success and be imbued with confidence in the effectiveness of the amulet.

After the rune is cut out, you need to start painting it. According to ancient beliefs, an amulet is painted with the blood of the one for whom it is created. Now it will be enough to pierce your finger with a needle, after disinfecting it, and add just a drop of blood to the red, dark brown or black paint. After drying, you need to varnish the amulet to avoid the destruction of the wood.

Using a single Fuhu symbol may not always give the desired result. Therefore, to clarify the goal, you can use formulas – a combination of signs that carry a certain meaning.

The meaning of the Veda

The Fey symbol has many meanings. A close connection with two elements (earth and flame) endows the rune with power and, at the same time, makes it unpredictable.

The primordial, fiery power of the symbol plays a positive role in friendly and loving relationships. In love, the Fe sign symbolizes passion and tenderness, emotional fullness.

In friendship and business, the Feu rune will help you maintain a balance between reasonable compromises and personal gain.

Other meanings of the symbol:

  • income growth – you can count on the receipt of money from various sources;
  • a well-deserved reward, victory in a competition – if the Fe symbol fell in your layout, get ready to receive your golden fleece – it will not necessarily be money, you can win a competition or competition, become famous;
  • new projects, ideas, beginnings – Fe favors every new business, since the alphabet begins with this rune;
  • faithful friends;
  • good luck in business, the interpretation of the symbol is unambiguous – to questions regarding work, career, real estate acquisition, Fe answers “yes” – you will get what you strive for;
  • development of spiritual potential;
  • changes affecting all spheres of life – if Fehu fell out in the alignment next to the Raido rune, in the future you will have a journey, your new job will be associated with business trips;
  • progressive technologies.

The runic symbol means cheerfulness, inner harmony. The sign of Fe calls for an indecisive person, inclined to melancholy, to find a source of strength in oneself, to develop a positive attitude towards the world.

If in the future the rune falls out in a straight position, hurry up to use the favorable chance. To change your life for the better, do not rely on the grace of fortune.

You will need work, determination, self-discipline. Soon, your investment will bring rewards in the form of a new prestigious job or a dizzying romance.

You should be on your guard if you get an inverted rune. She warns about illness, difficulties in communicating with people.

Making an amulet

With the help of runes, you can not only learn about the future, but also influence it. This circumstance has been noticed by people since ancient times. The rune Fe will come in handy to attract good luck and money. This sign is used in runescripts to protect marriage, to revive passion in a relationship.

To make a rune talisman, choose materials of natural origin: leather, wood, fabric, metal. Plastic and glass will not work as a base for talismans.

The rune can be carved on a hard surface (wood plate). If you love handicraft, embroider the symbol of well-being on a handkerchief or towel.

The easiest way to create an amulet is to draw a symbol.

Manufacturing rules:

  • focus on what you want to get from the sign – money, luck, the emergence of new business partners;
  • draw a magic symbol on cardboard or on a banknote;
  • the best colors for the image of the sign are green and red;
  • you can supplement the Fe rune with other signs that attract wealth, for example, a combination of Otal, Feu, Hyer will help to increase your existing finances;
  • make sure that you do not get an inverted Fe rune in runograms, otherwise you can attract conflicts and financial losses.

To activate the wealth bait, refer to the power of the 4 elements. Procedure:

  • drip a couple of drops of water onto the finished product;
  • light a red candle and hold the drawing over the flame;
  • fold your palms into a tube, direct them to the runic amulet, blow on the object, putting the energy of your intention into this action;
  • take out some sand and sprinkle the product with it;
  • shake off the sand from the object, in a calm and confident voice say over it a reservation to attract wealth – come up with a spell yourself or use a ready-made text, when pronouncing a request, avoid saying the particle “not”.

When you have activated an item, start using it. Runic formulas for wealth can be drawn up not only for yourself, but also for your spouse, relatives, but you must be sure that the person who received the runic amulet from you will cherish the gift.

Powerful becoming with Fehu

Runic becoming is a combination of different signs with the same action. The simplest of them is the Fehu rune. Enhance its action by writing a series of 3 identical characters. They are used in situations where a quick and strong effect is needed.

Fehu is combined with signs such as:

  1. Ansuz is an activator of connections between people;
  2. Algiz is an accelerator of luck;
  3. Dagas is a stimulant of change.

These savings are called “quick money”. For all changes to be financially successful, Fehu must come first.

The more complex one is called “Cash flow”. In addition to Fehu, it includes runes:

  • Raido – directs streams to the designated target;
  • Mannaz – performs the function of communication with the operator;
  • Yera – fixes the result;
  • Wunho – creates a positive emotional background.

You can form a simple becoming yourself. If someone has no experience in runology, then it is better to put the signs sequentially. Complex staves are intertwined runes. The first time a person is in phase, the second time, the second time, the third time, the third time.

The symbols that make up the stripes are drawn alternately from left to right or clockwise in a circle. If you make a mistake in applying the mark, the whole process starts over and over again with new material.

It should also be borne in mind that there are no horizontal lines in runic signs. All symbols are made up of vertical or corner sections.

Triple wealth

One of the ancient formulas that attract wealth is the triple Fee rune. The Scandinavians carved this combination on the walls of their homes to protect the home from poverty. For what purpose are 3 runes used in magic:

  • to increase your luck;
  • to unblock the money channel, if you were jinxed and after that finances began to flow away like water, runic symbols will attract wealth into the house;
  • to reach a new level of vitality.

You can scribble three Fehu runes on a wooden surface or print them onto cardboard. To activate a powerful amulet, follow the steps described above. Make up your own clause. Don’t worry if you fail to rhyme the lines.

The main thing is to clearly stipulate what you expect from the rune. If you want to work in another country, name the country and the desired position. Runic symbols do not speculate or complement anything. Talismans using runes bring to life the program that you put into them.

How to repay a debt using the Fehu rune

All manipulations related to finances are subject to Fehu. With its help, you can return debts if debtors do not want to do it on their own. It will help not only to return the money, but also to compensate for their temporary absence.

  1. Write on the sheet your wish: return of a certain amount (do not forget to indicate) from a specific person (indicate the debtor).
  2. On the prepared sheet with the formulation of desire, draw becoming of three identical hieroglyphs.
  3. The hieroglyphs should be mirrored, that is, they should be facing away from you.
  4. Put on the windowsill so that the symbols can shine through and place a picture of the one who owes in front of them.
  5. Read the disclaimer written on a piece of paper and activate the rune, after having consecrated it.
  6. Thank the runes for their cooperation and help and expect a quick refund.

The use of three symbols is a proven method that has been used hundreds of times in order to stabilize the financial situation. It is necessary to draw the rune in exactly this position, because it “inverts” its action and establishes a connection between the borrower and the debtor.

The runic alphabet has gained its popularity since the middle of the twentieth century and today it is in considerable demand both among professionals and among ordinary people. And it can be useful to both – the main indicator is desire and desire, knowledge of how to activate and consecrate the rune, as well as the belief that the runes can be beneficial. After all, magic hieroglyphs feel the mood and only multiply it.

Who is the symbol for

Fehu energy is not suitable for everyone. Hot-tempered, lazy and wasteful people should not use the rune. Who can use talismans with the image of the Fe symbol:

  • a dreamy, overly soft person;
  • people who have suffered from dishonesty of business partners;
  • individuals with clear goals in life.

For the energy of money to choose you, determine what you want to make a living with. Focus on more than just what you intend to get.

Think about how your work can benefit people. Improve your professional skills, be open to new changes. Then you can achieve well-being.

So that the Fehu rune to attract money will change your life for the better, come up with a stipulation to activate it. Things to consider:

  • the spell must be cast in the present tense: “I receive money from all available and safe sources”;
  • do not make the slip of the tongue too big, let it convey the essence of your request;
  • if you use several runes, you can speak a ready-made formula, the second option is when one phrase is pronounced over each rune – if the same rune is repeated 3 times, the meaning of the phrases should be slightly different: “I attract money. I am a magnet for abundance. My job brings me joy and stable income ”;
  • at the end of the ritual, stipulate that the achievement of well-being will come to you in a safe way, indicate that you and your loved ones are healthy and happy.

The object on which the Fehu rune is applied must constantly contact you. If you bought a rune keychain, carry it in your purse or pocket.

Put the magic bill in your wallet and don’t waste it. She will attract money luck to you.

Where to keep the amulet

It doesn’t matter what the amulet was made of. The main thing is your attitude to the magnet for prosperity. Do not tell strangers what you expect from the runic formula. You can make several talismans and store them in different rooms of the apartment. It’s a good idea to paint the piggy bank with runes.

Runic talismans should not stay for a long time where dirt and abuse reigns. Otherwise, their energy will fade away. Put your house in order, remove from it everything that reminds of poverty and destruction: empty bottles, chipped cups, bouquets of dried flowers. In a clean room, the rune’s potential will unfold in full force.

Treat the runic amulet with respect. If the amulet is broken or lost, it means that he gave you all his power. Mentally thank this thing for its help. Then craft a new talisman.

Magic formulas with a rune

The most popular connection with Fehu is threefold repetition. This symbol is used to attract money and wealth.

But there are other combinations and meanings of signs:

  1. Dagaz, Eyvaz, Fehu, Otal, Yera – brings success at work, career advancement, respect from superiors and subordinates.
  2. Dagaz, Fehu, Dagaz, Otal – used in case of financial difficulties, when you urgently need to find money or solve financial problems.
  3. Soul, Soul, Fehu – helps in all endeavors, promises success in a new job.
  4. Algiz, Fehu, Uruz, Otal, Soul – used in business to attract customers.

Runa Fehu is one of the most powerful symbols that helps people in many areas of life. She attracts money, wealth, helps in starting risky businesses and take on complex projects. She also supports love: gives birth to harmony, tranquility, mutual understanding between partners. But you need to remember that the rune does not fulfill desires by itself, but only contributes to their implementation.


Runa Fehu is responsible for the material component. The action of the symbol is aimed at improving the fortuneteller’s monetary position, at his prosperity and career growth.

In the inverted position, the sign indicates the likelihood of loss, need and unnecessary waste. The reason will be the disorganization of the fortuneteller, his carelessness and frivolity. The accompanying runes can radically change the meaning of the alignment – some symbols strengthen the main interpretation of Fehu, others change the interpretation or supplement it with clarifying details.


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