What does “i” mean in iPhone

In short: "i" means "internet". But why are Apple Watch and Apple Pay not called iWatch and iPay?

(ORDO NEWS) — Back in 1998 when Steve Jobs first presented iMac is a personal computer with high processing speed and Internet access – he explained the meaning of the letter “i”.

“I” stands for “internet,” Jobs said at the presentation. He clarified that the new product is designed primarily for intuitive and easy access to the Internet.

Steve Jobs also added that “i” has other meanings. These include: individual, inspire, inform, and instruct.

Two years after the presentation of the iMac, Jobs officially removed the word “interim” from his job title at Apple and became permanent CEO (previously, in English, his position sounded like “interim CEO”). The entrepreneur liked the “i” prefix so much that he named the new position “iCEO”.

Apple became obsessed with the console so much that it substituted it even for products that did not have access to the Internet.

During the development of the music player in 2001, Steve Jobs explained to engineers and marketers that while the future product will be a standalone device, the iMac will prove to be a “digital hub” that connects many gadgets, including this music player.

One of the team members inspired Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey introduced the iMac as a spaceship and the music player as a pod that docks with it. This is where part of the player’s name came from.

Steve Jobs liked the name “Pod”, but he added the “i” prefix to it, even though the first iPod did not have access to the Internet.

Now, as Apple grows in other markets, the box is gradually fading into the background. Apple Watch and Apple TV replaced iWatch and iTV. Perhaps because the presence of the Internet in new devices no longer surprises anyone.


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