What does an astrologer do

(ORDO NEWS) — Astrology is an ancient science, the study of the relationship between the cosmos and man. It is a group of systems, occult teachings, certain beliefs and traditions.

Astrology helps people to know themselves with the help of astrological aspects, knowledge about the influence of stellar objects on a person.

In Tibet, astrologers are treated with respect and are considered people who have earned the right to control events, their destiny by their behavior in past lives.

What does an astrologer do

What does an astrologer do 2

An astrologer is a person who has not only knowledge, but also a strong-willed character, restrains his emotions, is able to break the karmic connection, and always consciously manages his desires.

Support from above in the form of luck is of great importance. What does such a specialist do? It does several things:

  • Observation of cosmic phenomena that have a significant impact on people, events, natural phenomena and other areas of life.
  • Calculations on certain cosmic signs, interpretation of the obtained values, making forecasts for the future. Forecasts are made for a day, a week, a longer time.

Currently, there are several astrological schools:

  • Vedic (Indian) system.
  • Western system.

In their calculations, predictors often use various astrological calendar systems:

  • Mayan.
  • Chinese.
  • Druids.
  • Aztecs.

Specialists in astronomical aspects have different methods of making predictions, using the following aspects:

  • Date of birth (natal astrology). With the help of the date of birth, you can learn a lot about a person – character traits, inclinations, strengths and weaknesses of the personality, potential in all areas of life.
  • Predictive. Events are predicted using this technique.
  • Synastric. With the help of this technique, the features of relationships with people are predicted.
  • Horary. Gives answers to questions indicating the time of the predicted event.
  • Medical. Using this method, the characteristics of human health are compiled.
  • Meteorological. Weather forecasts.
  • Mundane. Development of society, state, nations.

A visit to a soothsayer often has the effect of psychotherapy, has a calming effect, helps to get rid of fears and anxiety. While working with a client, information is collected, the location of the planets at the time of a person’s birth is calculated.

The predictor, using the data obtained, is able to calculate the influence of space objects on fate. He draws up a map of the position of the planets, uses his knowledge and developed intuition, gives recommendations on how to reduce the negative impact of space, avoid problems. A horoscope is a calculation that depends on the individual data of a person.

What does an astrologer do 1

You can not take seriously the horoscopes for the signs of the zodiac, which are for entertainment publications, the most accurate calculation should include all the knowledge about a particular person. Very often, the astrological direction is currently used on Tarot cards.

Where can I get astrological knowledge

Russian modern science does not recognize astrology, considers it a kind of magical divination that has nothing to do with scientific methodology.

At the same time, many scientific sources say that astrology contributed to the development of other sciences, areas of knowledge.

Training can be completed in schools of astrology, which provide full knowledge in practical classes, test students. Subsequently, working with clients gives invaluable experience, helps to work on their own shortcomings, teaches them to smooth out various life situations, and predict events.


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