What do other crows do when one of them dies

(ORDO NEWS) — Crows are very smart birds. And they can even perform special rituals when one of them dies. They also know how to empathize. All this was told by bird researcher Dr. Kaeli Swift.

In fact, crows are different from most other birds. Basically – the structure of the brain. Unlike the rest, they are able to learn new sounds throughout their lives, says Dr. Kaeli Swift from the University of Washington. In addition, they can even imitate human speech.

Also crows are very smart. It is known that, for example, New Caledonian ravens can create various tools: first of all, hooks. To do this, they use parts of a plant called pandanus.

Ravens also have special rituals. If one of the crows dies and another one finds it, then it sends an alarm signal to the rest. As a result, all the crows gather together near the dead bird, and after 15-20 minutes they scatter in all directions. That is, they have a kind of “funeral”.

What do other crows do when one of them dies 2

True, scientists observed the behavior of crows if they found exactly an unfamiliar dead relative. Perhaps their behavior when they find a familiar bird becomes different.

Also, experts managed to find out that crows perceive a person next to a dead bird as a predator. Even if he was there by accident.

There were moments that really surprised the experts. When they left a dead crow lying on the pavement, sometimes the crows would start pecking at the body to see if the bird was really dead, or even start mating with the animal.


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