What do aliens eat

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(ORDO NEWS) — From the communication of contactees and the mass of witnesses to the presence of an alien mind, ufologists came to the conclusion that there are two so-called races of aliens. This is loyal and trying to help people, and the second race, the so-called grays, who are aggressive towards the inhabitants of our planet.

The grays dream of getting the Earth for their full use, since it is completely suitable for them as a habitat. In addition, the minerals of our planet also haunt the so-called grays.

Representatives of both races of alien intelligence, according to the hypothesis, have been among us for a long time. They study humanity almost under a microscope. Most of all, alien intelligence is interested in the emotions of earthlings.

All contactees unanimously declare that aliens are devoid of any human feelings emotionally. They are alien to joy, excitement, anxiety, regret, embarrassment, and so on. In its development, extraterrestrial civilization has long gone ahead of humanity. Cataclysms of space, gene mutations have long deprived aliens of feelings.

The so-called gray race has long learned to use the negative energy that comes from humanity directly into space. Wars, hostility, anger from black clots in space, which negatively affect our galaxy. The gray race literally feeds on this negativity, transforming it for their own purposes.

It has long been noted by ufologists that during major cataclysms occurring on our planet, unidentified flying objects are necessarily observed in the sky. According to their hypothesis, it is precisely at these moments that the negative of a loyally-minded extraterrestrial intelligence is being studied and feeding on the negative of the gray ones.

Peace-loving extraterrestrial civilization in every contact with earthlings is trying to convey this information to mankind. They warn us and even ask us to change our minds. Stop polluting the climate, end wars and be kinder. Otherwise humanity will destroy itself.

“Earthlings have long forgotten about harmony and unity with nature, which they destroy” – this is the message of extraterrestrial intelligence, through the mouth of the contactee.


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