What chicken eggs are capable of: 10 simple tricks and experiments

(ORDO NEWS) — Chicken eggs are an inexpensive, healthy and nutritious food product. In addition, raw eggs can be used in various fun tricks or experiments that are easy to repeat at home. Popular Mechanics warns that it is better not to repeat some of them at home, as this is not always safe.

Surely everyone at least once heard about the experience with a chicken egg that does not sink in water. To do this, add 4-5 teaspoons of salt to a liter jar of water. Stir the salt so that it dissolves completely, and dip the egg into the jar. It no longer sinks, but floats!

This is because the density of salt water is higher. When we add salt, the water becomes heavier and the egg seems lighter than the liquid in the jar – so it will float. When we add more fresh water to the jar, the salt water will not be as concentrated, its density will decrease, and the egg will sink again.

Or another experience with a raw egg. For him, it is better to take eggs with a dark shell. You will also again need a liter jar and table vinegar (9% acetic acid solution). Pour 1-1.5 cups of table vinegar into a jar. Dip an egg in it.

The egg will sink and sink to the bottom. Immediately, it will begin to be covered with many bubbles – this is carbon dioxide, which is released during the reaction of acid with calcium, which makes up the shell. After a while, the egg will begin to float as the gas bubbles pull it up.

But these are not the only possible experiments with a chicken egg! For example, do you know how to place an egg vertically on the table so that it does not fall on its side? For this, it turns out, no glue is needed. A pinch of salt is enough.

An interesting trick with a tray, when all the eggs fall into glasses of water under it. You can also learn how to put an egg in a bottle or carefully clean the shell through the holes.

You can even make a ball or a bomb out of an egg! You will learn about all this, as well as how much weight eggs can withstand, from a short, not lengthy video – it collected 10 experiments with eggs that can be done at home.


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