What awaits humanity in the future forecast from physicist Michio Kaku

(ORDO NEWS) — Michio Kaku is an American theoretical physicist and active popularizer of science. Since the 1980s, he has constantly appeared on TV shows and talks in simple terms about the achievements of science. In his latest interview, Kaku talked about what he thinks the future holds for humanity.

The world of science is becoming more and more exciting every day. Where will scientific research lead us ?According to Michio Kaku? humanity is waiting for three great achievements.

Humanity will become an interplanetary species

Today, scientists and a number of billionaires dream of colonizing other planets. This idea is nothing new: Kaku notes that he once discussed it with Carl Sagan.

According to him, Sagan argued: “The Earth is at the center of a stream of asteroids, comets and meteorites. It is inevitable that we will face the “destroyer” of the planet. We need an insurance policy.”

Given the money, the level of involvement of both public and private companies, and the vision behind some of the ideas, Dr. Kaku suggests that we are about to enter a “golden era of space exploration.”

Of course, it’s also practical about the problems we’d run into if we were to try and get a million people to Mars tomorrow.

For example, he notes that no one explained to a person how to provide housing for a million people on Mars, or how they will receive the tools necessary to build this housing.

Kaku suggests that the answer may lie in relying on self-replicating robots, but that requires first inventing them.

Humanity will expand the possibilities of the brain

Over the past few decades, scientists have made many attempts to improve the human body by combining it with a computer.

Dr. Kaku mentions his friend and colleague Stephen Hawking as an example. The physicist completely lost the ability to speak after pneumonia in 1985. However, with the help of a computer generating his speech, he was able to “speak” again.

This technology led to the development of systems that could scan his facial expressions and brain patterns for selection on a computer screen.

With advances in computer chips getting cheaper, smaller, and faster, Kaku suggests it’s likely only a matter of time before we have access to low-cost, human-integrated computers.

Humanity will beat cancer

What awaits humanity in the future forecast from physicist Michio Kaku 2

Cancer is a terrible disease that is still difficult to treat. And the methods that are used to reduce tumors often cause an irreparable blow to human health.

However, Dr. Kaku claims that we are on the verge of defeating cancer. “We will have a magic bullet against cancer using nanomedicine.

That is, individual molecules in cells that can target individual cancer cells using nanotechnology. And another important step is the creation of intelligent toilets.

In the future, your toilet will be your first line of defense against cancer, because your bodily fluids blood, urine, and feces contain signs of cancerous colonies. Cancer will become like the common cold, it doesn’t kill anyone except maybe pneumonia.”


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