What are the excavations of ancient giant people

(ORDO NEWS) — Archaeological excavations and random finds of skeletons of ancient people of gigantic proportions still remain one of the mysteries of mankind. For unknown reasons, these facts are not recognized by science, are kept silent under the heading of secrecy, and to this day this topic remains open for discussion and new theories.

So to whom do these remains belong?

The territory for detecting skeletons is quite extensive: in almost every continent, similar remains of giant people were found, whose growth ranged from 3 to 32 meters. At the same time, mention of the giants originates from ancient legends, fairy tales, as well as historical records of travelers.

Let’s look at the most popular theories:

Extraterrestrial Races

The legend of Atlantis with settled inhabitants of a high level of development, whose growth reached 6 meters, still excites the minds of researchers of extraterrestrial civilization.

According to one version, on Earth before humanity there were several highly developed civilizations, one of which was the Atlanteans. To this day, hundreds of artifacts are found near the islands of Greece, telling that once their masters were people of super tall.

Scientists suggest that the approximate location of the sunken island is located between the northern coast of Africa and the island of Crete. It is popularly believed that after the flood of the great Atlantis, a small number of inhabitants were still able to escape, transferring their knowledge to humanity.

Surprisingly, almost all nationalities have legends about certain deities who transmitted knowledge to people. Perhaps humanity owes its development to the Atlantean civilization?

The ancient species of giant monkeys

Researchers come to this conclusion, despite the availability of expertise, science cannot give an exact answer: do the huge skeletons belong to a human ancestor or an erect monkey. For example, a mummified finger found in Egypt, 38 centimeters long, speaks of a giant about six meters tall, which could belong to both the mysterious King Kong and humans.

Branch of humanity

The theory that a giant man lived in the era of dinosaurs has a right to life. Discovered excavations of antiquity illustrating the drawings of man with dinosaurs can hardly be called a coincidence.

For example, Ica stones found in Peru show not only the drawings of ancient dinosaurs, but their kind of domestication by an ancient person. It should be noted that at that time the atmospheric pressure was completely different – comfortable for the life of giant creatures, including the heroic branch of the human race.

But, in addition to the above and other theories, it is striking that to this day people meet giants near dense forests and deep caves. Perhaps these giants live, and still on earth, next to us, only occasionally hinting at their appearance that their story is not yet over.


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