What archaeologists are preparing to discover in 2022

(ORDO NEWS) — The Live Science portal makes predictions about what archaeologists will discover in the new year. Experts believe that a number of finds made in 2021 will give scientists new food for research in the new archaeological season.

The study of some monuments has just begun, but there is potential for those locations that have been known to scientists for a long time.

The most striking discovery in Egypt since the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun was the “lost city of gold” near Luxor. Its name is also known as “Aton Rising”. In the past season, scientists managed to investigate only a small part of it, however, this also caused a stir in the scientific world. Incredible discoveries are to be expected here this year.

Perhaps even here they will find the palace of the ruler. In any case, archaeologists hope to get answers to many questions. For example, why the son of Amenhotep III, Akhenaten, tried to exalt the sun god Aten in Egypt, consigning to oblivion the traditional ancient Egyptian pantheon.

Another trend of our time, restrictions from the coronavirus and related bans on movement around the world, led to the fact that the doctrine “Dig where you live” is becoming more and more popular. Probably, excavations in the places where scientists live can also bring unexpected results.

What archaeologists are preparing to discover in 2022 2

The results of the latest archaeological work at Karahantepe in Turkey have provided new insights into what life was like in this part of the world around 11,000 years ago. In the past season, archaeologists discovered in this area a complex of structures with columns in the form of a phallus and carved human heads. It is not yet clear to scientists what this means and whether there are still similar structures in this area.

Karahantepe is located near Gebekli Tepe, a massive ceremonial complex that is also about 11,000 years old. It is likely that those who used the Karahantepe complex were also associated with Gebekli Tepe. Excavations will continue in the new year, and then, perhaps, answers to many questions will appear.

In 2021, the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan. In addition to many other problems, science has suffered in this country. Experts expect that stolen antiques from Afghanistan will soon appear on the world markets. And here the government of other countries where these values ​​will arise will face a difficult question: to allow transactions to be made or to return the stolen values ​​to the government of Afghanistan. At the moment, there is no single decision on this issue.

What archaeologists are preparing to discover in 2022 3

Unexpected news is also expected from Qumran, where new discoveries were made in the caves with the Dead Sea Scrolls last year. During the 2021 season, scientists uncovered some interesting finds, including the 12th cave, which once contained the scrolls. Archaeologists plan to explore another cave this season, as well as to continue exploring a number of tunnels near Qumran.


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