What alcoholic drinks are considered the most dangerous

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from the University of Brighton in the UK consider port and sherry to be the most dangerous alcoholic beverages.

In 2019, experts found that port wine and sherry are characterized by rapid absorption into the blood and a relatively high specific ethanol content of about 20%, which leads to a severe hangover.

The British called whiskey and other strong alcoholic drinks a little less dangerous, as they lead to severe intoxication.

Due to the high degree, they are more slowly absorbed by the circulatory system, as they inhibit the work of stomach cells.

The British also warned against drinking large quantities of sparkling wine – because of the bubbles of carbon dioxide, which lead to rapid intoxication.

They also do not advise to alternate alcohol with water in order to slow down intoxication, as well as to drink light drinks with heavy ones.

Experts also recalled that the use of any dose of alcohol increases the risk of deadly diseases.


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