What 154 people who survived clinical death saw and felt

(ORDO NEWS) — Although no one really knows what happens when a person passes away, many people tell incredible stories about what they experienced being in a state of clinical death and “coming back”.

In a 2017 study, scientists from the University of Liege, Belgium, analyzed the testimonies of 154 people who experienced clinical death. The results showed that the near-death experiences of all the people studied are unique, and at the same time they have some common features.

According to Charlotte Martial, the head of the study, it was not yet studied until 2017 whether the near-death experiences that people experience at the time of clinical death follow a particular pattern. Therefore, the main task of the Belgian scientists was to establish the frequency with which the general experiences of patients are observed globally (in all analyzed cases) and the order in which the feelings of the patients changed.

What results were obtained

The most common phenomena were the  feeling of calmness  (80% of participants),  bright light  (69%) and  meeting with the “souls” of deceased people  (64%).

On the other hand, the most rare events were  “accelerated scrolling” of all memories before the eyes  (only in 5% of study participants) and  clairvoyance  (4%).

As for the sequence of events (the chronological order in which people perceived these phenomena), most “journeys” into the afterlife began with an extracorporeal experience (leaving the physical body) and ended with the “return” of consciousness to the body. (36%).

According to the head of the study, this suggests that all near-death experiences caused by the state of near-death, apparently, are caused by a feeling of detachment from the physical body and end with regaining consciousness.

Overall, the most common order of events reported by 22% of the people surveyed was as follows:

  1. extracorporeal experience (exit from the physical body);
  2. travel through the tunnel;
  3. bright light;
  4. a feeling of complete peace and tranquility.

Even though all patients reported common elements in their experiences, researchers are convinced that each “return” to life follows a unique pattern.

“The results of our research show that near-death experiences are universal, that is, they can have common elements. But at the same time, we noted that the order in which patients experienced these sensations is different, ”said Charlotte Martial.

Further research is needed to find out how patients’ beliefs about life and culture, along with their neurophysiological mechanisms, determine how and what kind of NDEs people experience, Martial said.


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