Well-preserved dinosaur skeleton found in China

(ORDO NEWS) — The skeleton of a Jurassic dinosaur was discovered by Chinese paleontologists. The skeleton is up to 8 meters long. The find has survived by 70%. This is a great rarity in the world of paleontology, because the skeleton has lain in the ground for 180 million years. Excavations took place in Lufeng (southwest China). This is reported by Mail Online.

Wang Tao, head of the Dinosaur Fossil Conservation Center, has already called the find a “national treasure.” The skeleton itself has already been unearthed, now it remains to dig up the skull of a prehistoric animal. Researchers are working day and night to extract fossils of a prehistoric animal.

The skeleton belonged to a giant lufengosaurus. Such creatures lived in the early Jurassic period. These dinosaurs had long hind legs and a neck. They were herbivores, feeding mainly on the leaves of trees. The forelimbs are relatively short. This species of bipedal dinosaur was first discovered in 2017.

The Fossil Conservation Center now plans to actively excavate the area. Since the soil there is subject to erosion. It is very important for scientists to get the fossils in time. After a detailed study of the fossils, they will be transferred to the museum.


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