Welcome to Hell: Chinese brand launches clothes for children

(ORDO NEWS) — Chinese clothing brand JNBY has apologized to customers for the lettering and pictures that have been applied to the children’s clothing presented in the latest line. In addition, a statement was received that all products would be recalled. This only happened after Chinese social networks began to actively talk about the strange children’s clothing of this brand.

Reported by the South China Morning Post.

It all started after Weibo was approached by the mother of a little boy who was signed to the Mogu Mogu platform. She posted a snapshot of a shirt that her parents bought for her grandson. They didn’t know English. At the same time, the shirt bore the inscription “Welcome to Hell”, and there was also an image of, most likely, a catcher of souls who bears different parts of the body.

This message interested many users, who immediately began to upload photos of other things with inappropriate captions from JNBY. For example, on one of the down jackets it was written that you need to take a gun and shoot the Indians, and on the other, a man was depicted who was pierced through by arrows.

After a while, JNBY apologized on social networks for such images and the fact that they caused some harm to clients. The company promised that it will continue to closely monitor the design of the produced clothing.

The JNBY brand was founded in 1994. Until today, it is one of the most popular Chinese clothing manufacturers, which additionally has a representative office in the United States.


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