Weight lifting strengthens the nervous system

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from the University of Newcastle in the UK have found that weight lifting strengthens the nervous system. The results of the study appeared in the journal JNeurosci.

Some weightlifters are disappointed with the initial results. However, experts say: you should not be upset ahead of time, because the first few weeks of training help strengthen the human nervous system, and not his muscles.

The thing is that the brain coordinates movements with the help of two main neural lines that descend to the spinal cord: CTF and PCT. As you know, the first of them is the main path, while the second only exercises control over the posture. Nevertheless, during the strength training, the CTF does not change, which is why the increase in strength should be carried out using a simpler PCT.

Scientists conducted an experiment in which they taught monkeys to pull the handle with a weight with one hand. Within 12 weeks, her weight was increased. Researchers daily stimulated the motor cortex and two motor tracts, establishing electrical activity in the muscles of the hand. In training mode, the response from stimulation of the cortex and PCT increased, which is an indicator of enhanced transmission of impulses.

It is worth noting that after a few more months of strength training, stimulation of the PCT has caused a significant reaction of the nervous system.


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