Weather of mass destruction

(ORDO NEWS) — At the beginning of 2011, there was a massive sea of ​​birds in many countries – in Switzerland, USA, Sweden, Canada, Italy, China, Japan, Russia … Birds of different orders and families died in flocks in different climatic zones. Under suspicion came the secret American station HAARP in Alaska, the experiments on which supposedly serve as a trigger for natural disasters (devastating floods, extreme heat, earthquakes, fog over airfields, devastating hurricanes, tornadoes and storms, snowfalls, prolonged droughts and “freezing rains”).

Since ancient times, the massive pestilence of birds has terrified humans. In ancient Rome, the death of birds allowed the priests to predict the fall of Carthage. The Ecclesiastes says that the death of the birds will precede the appearance of the Antichrist. Modern man has freed himself from such superstitions, but cats scratch their souls. Moreover, no intelligible explanation for the terrible pestilence has been offered.

Three facts are known about Alaska. First, Russia sold it to America for a cheap price. Secondly, the governor of Alaska was the beauty queen Sarah Palin, who almost became the first American female vice president. And, thirdly, in Alaska, a mysterious, like Hogwarts castle, HAARP station is located, which is guarded by the Marines day and night and where, according to rumors, climatic and geophysical weapons are being developed. It was the third circumstance that made Alaska truly famous, because from now on it appears in scandalous conspiracy theories as the main cause of natural disasters.

HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is an American research project for the study of auroras. 60 sq. km, a field of 360 antennas 22 meters high was built, which emit high-frequency radio waves with a power of 1.7 billion watts, which is a million times higher than solar radiation in this range. HAARP also has a 20 meter diameter radar. Laser locators, magnetometers, computers process signals and control the electromagnetic field. HAARP is the most powerful tool for influencing the ionosphere, where plasma clumps, the so-called plasmoids, are formed, which can be moved around the ionosphere of the Northern Hemisphere. Artificial plasmoids are a million times more powerful than the northern lights. Antenna fields in Norway in Tromsø and on the cruiser Wisconsin allow directing the synchronous reflection of three beams from the Earth’s ionosphere to the desired point.

According to the official version, civil experiments are being conducted at the test site. In 1977, the United States signed the Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Means of Influencing the Environment. However, there are experts who believe that America has dressed the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Moreover, no country has stations for observing the ionosphere. The base in Alaska is surrounded by barbed wire and is patrolled by the Marine Corps. Around – rocket launchers “Patriot”. The airspace is closed to all civilian and military aircraft. However, the secrecy regime and solid financial participation in the Pentagon’s experiments do not yet mean that weapons are being developed at the station. Air defense systems were installed at the base after September 11, 2001.

It cannot be ruled out that the reason for our incessant complaints about the climate and other misfortunes lies in the area of ​​neurasthenia. Academician Lev Zeleny, director of the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, believes that the present time, when the Sun can be compared with the “Balzac’s lady” in age, is the most comfortable for a person. It has never occurred to anyone to compare the statistics of natural disasters across different eras. And this is hardly possible due to the lack of reliable documents. But speculation can be convincing …

Some experts believe that after 1997, when the HAARP station began operating, there have been noticeably more natural disasters on the planet. It got even worse after the spring of 2006, when HAARP was finally completed and turned on at full capacity. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has blamed HAARP for a string of devastating earthquakes.

Climate bomb and flying saucer

So, HAARP was built to study the ionosphere and aurora borealis, to study tomography of the earth’s interior thousands of meters deep – to search for deposits of raw materials, as well as to localize underground objects, including enemy ones; up to the discovery of submarines in the ocean. On the other hand, the HAARP can establish communication with its own submarines, which is still difficult. Another task is new anti-aircraft and missile defense systems that are capable of detecting the launch of ballistic missiles and disable other people’s space satellites.

“90 percent of the talk about climate weapons is a frank Panama,” Vladimir Fortov, academician-secretary of the largest branch of power engineering and mechanical engineering in the Russian Academy of Sciences, told Izvestia. – I have not seen a single convincing evidence of the existence of climate weapons, although I was looking. It’s like talking about UFOs. The ionosphere is very labile and subject to various influences, but there is no evidence that humans have created such systems. Today, one can speak of climatic weapons with the same certainty as one can say that David planted Goliath in the forehead not with a stone, but with an armor-piercing projectile. But ground systems have been developed that can disable any equipment with a strong electromagnetic pulse. Russia has such systems in the ground version. It is unknown if this effect can be achieved from space.

“Birds die from chemistry,” says Academician Vitaly Adushkin, director of the Institute of Dynamics of Geospheres of the Russian Academy of Sciences. – HAARP, with whom we had contacts, is a very delicate and difficult question. The capabilities of the station need to be studied, much is in the fog. Communication with submarines on long waves using this technology is real and effective. Destruction of space satellites using a localized impulse and heating of the ionosphere is also possible. It cannot be denied the possibility of impacting objects from space, and this technology is being actively developed. Another thing is climate weapons. Russia, with the help of special equipment, is registering the ionospheric impulses of the HAARP station. There is no reason to talk about the development of climate weapons.

– Climatic and geophysical weapons? – Director of the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Kuznetsov is not surprised by the issue of Izvestia. – Thought in this direction is working, there is a search for mechanisms of influence. HAARP cannot be suspected of anything serious – power is too low, size is limited. To talk about climate weapons today, one must have a wild imagination. But HAARP is the first step in studying the possibilities of geophysical influence on terrestrial processes. In no case should Russia be left behind. Geomagnetic factors pose a real threat to the energy infrastructure, especially for powerful power plants, long power transmission lines, oil and gas pipelines, nuclear power plants.

Laser rain from space

How can magnetic signals from space affect earthly well-being? In principle, it is possible to force the plasmoids pumped with energy to drop it in a given area, as a result of which the effect of “laser rain” will be achieved. An avalanche of tiny lasers will simultaneously send an energy pulse to strategic targets of the enemy, cause paralysis, disable electrical and electronic equipment. Fiction? But natural magnetic storms, even without any provocation, lead to the generation of induced currents in the power system, to the destruction of transformers, to the shutdown of power lines, and violate the corrosion protection of pipelines. This is a serious problem. At a meeting of the Council of General and Chief Designers in the field of high-tech sectors of the economy in December 2009, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin set the task of reaching a fundamentally new level of security in the energy sector. In the United States, the “Electricity Grid Protection Program” is viewed as critical to national security. Federal law is already in Congress. This law is supported by the National Academy of Sciences and all departments responsible for national security and power system security.

So, geophysical impact on the terrestrial infrastructure from space is technically possible. An example is the US war in Iraq, when radio communication systems were suppressed from space. There are no reliable facts of geophysical impact on more complex terrestrial objects. There are no facts, but the theoretical possibility – someday over time – is not denied. As for the purposeful impact of ionospheric plasmoids on the weather, the creation of high pressure and temperature zones that will lead to calculated natural disasters, serious experts treat such scenarios with great skepticism.

“There are scenarios according to which the entire energy sector of the United States, Europe and Russia can be disabled,” continues academician Vladimir Fortov. – The problem is aggravated by the fact that our electrical networks are physically and morally outdated. If they are not renewed, severe accidents will increase without any outside influence. No HAARP needed. It is necessary to create “smart grids” and local generators that have the ability to compensate for losses in the power grid. As for the most vulnerable Moscow, it should be divided into several independent electrical clusters.

“There were more points for measuring the magnetic field in the USSR than in the USA,” says RAS Corresponding Member Alexei Gvishiani from the Institute of Physics of the Earth. – Now you can rely on the readings of only five points. But a center for monitoring magnetic changes is already being created, which is necessary for national security. The next step is the creation of regional centers, as in the United States, where a network of 14 points operates.

Polygon overgrown with weeds

In 2002, a group of communist deputies wrote a letter to the UN, demanding that a limit be put on the “criminal” activities of the HAARP station to create new weapons. The communists were firmly convinced that the experiments in Alaska led to floods in some areas and to tornadoes in others. The accusations were written with a pitchfork on the water, and competent communist deputies like Academician Zhores Alferov did not sign the letter. There was no reaction to the cedula from the inert UN …

And finally, another important question. Why did our country, which is a pioneer in the exploration of the Arctic, atmosphere and space, not acquire its own HAARP station? It turns out she has! In 1981, in deep forests, 150 km from the closed city of Gorky, on the site of the Institute of Radiophysics, the Sura facility was built. The area of ​​the object is 9 hectares, the height of the antennas is 20 meters, as in Alaska. The first years the facility was funded by the Ministry of Defense, but the source has long since dried up. The plant overgrown with weeds works only 100 hours a year, funding is 8 thousand times less than that of the IAARP. The general picture for all Russian science. And the deputies should have thrown forces on this front, and not compose invectives. If the situation does not change, then a much greater danger will lie not in experiments at the HAARP test site, but in the fact that we will no longer be able to understand what adversaries are doing in Alaska. Then we will definitely become defenseless.

So why are natural disasters and cataclysms? Nature pampers, but we cannot understand it, and by the eternal human nature we suspect those who have come closer to this understanding than others.

Severity of natural disasters
2011 – massive and mysterious death of birds all over the planet;

2010 – the earthquake in Haiti, where more than 200 thousand people died, the eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland, the air collapse in Europe, the African heat in Russia, “freezing rains” and again an air collapse;

2009 – heat and forest fires in southern Europe;

2008 – earthquake in China, almost 100 thousand people died, cyclone “Nargis” and humanitarian disaster in Myanmar;

2005 is the most destructive hurricane Katrina in US history, claiming 2,000 lives. Pakistan experienced the worst earthquake ever recorded in South Asia, killing more than 100,000 people;

2004 – the most destructive earthquake in history off the coast of Indonesia caused a tsunami, a tidal wave claimed 300 thousand lives;

2003 – the deadliest and most destructive hurricane in the Atlantic, Hurricane Isabelle claimed thousands of lives and caused tremendous destruction in many countries, including the largest American cities;

1999 – earthquake in Turkey, 20,000 people died;

1997-1998 – Hurricane El Niño caused record damage of $ 20 billion.


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