Weather forecasters panic over global 5G adoption

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Weather forecasters have recently begun to panic noticeably due to the fact that numerous technology companies will soon begin to universally introduce the new 5G technology. Using this technology may adversely affect the accuracy of weather forecasts.

Recent studies have shown that the use of technology can cause interference with the transmission of weather data from polar orbiting satellites. Accordingly, forecasts may soon become less accurate.

Experts already warn today that due to interference, approximately 77% of the information that is collected using microwave echo sounders can be lost.

Some time ago, specialists were able to agree on a specific standard, which will be introduced in two different stages.

The first stage will be valid until September 2027. The power of high-tech equipment will be -33 dB, which will reduce the amount of interference. After 2027, the power will be slightly reduced to -39 dB.

This standard was developed in order to accelerate the process of introducing new technology and at the same time not to harm the weather forecasting with the widespread use of 5G.


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