We exhale – the “judgment day” scheduled for September 24 is canceled

(ORDO NEWS) — “Doomsday” – everyone has heard about it many times. What does this really mean? Social networks literally exploded with messages about the doomsday on September 24.

The reports say that the world will plunge into darkness, there will be massive power outages, and the fault will be a flare on the Sun and the words of a German politician.

Friedrich Mertz, the leader of the German opposition, said that the day of September 24 will forever remain in the memory of future generations, if they survive.

Apocalyptic conspiracy theorists joined the conversation. They dispersed the topic of the apocalypse and transferred it to social networks.

The hashtag “September 24” even appeared in Tiktok. It has already hit the trends. What can happen on September 24, according to conspiracy theorists and conspiracy theory fans, the golden billion:

  • The most powerful flash on the Sun, which will kill all life on Earth.
  • A massive power outage across the entire planet is possible, and the world will be plunged into darkness.
  • Donald Trump will again run for the post of President of the United States.

All three variants of events are sad in their own way. Even when Trump won the presidential race, people expected him to change for the better.

The resourceful and successful entrepreneur must have known how to make the lives of Americans more comfortable.

Instead, he was exposed in a conspiracy with Putin, accused of brutal treatment of refugees from Mexico by border guards.

Millions of people are already used to the fact that September 24 will be the last carefree day in their lives.

Something happened here that no one expected. Friedrich Merz said that he had slandered himself.

In his speech, he wanted to name the date February 27, 2022, but mixed up the months and announced the month of September.

The man wanted to emphasize Russia’s war against Ukraine in his speech, nothing more. However, conspiracy theorists still hope that the apocalypse will happen.


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