“We decided to conduct an operation specifically for you,” – Anonymous hackers turned to Putin

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(ORDO NEWS) — The well-known hacker group Anonymous recorded a personal message addressed to Vladimir Putin. In a video posted online, hackers threaten the Russian dictator with serious consequences if he doesn’t stop attacking Ukraine.

The hackers published their statement on their Twitter page. In the video, they note that “as a gift” they prepared a special operation for Putin.

“You probably remember how our group hacked the Roskomnadzor website in 2018? Mr. Putin, do you remember how you lost to Afghanistan?

Now we leaked the data of the Russian Ministry of Defense. There were mail and passwords and now this database is freely available on Twitter “Your recent attempt to threaten Finland and Sweden is a shame.

You threaten these countries if they join NATO. Today we took down the websites of the Federal Antimonopoly Service, the Kremlin and Russia Today and other websites associated with the Russian authorities,” Anonymous said.

The hackers also said that they were going to publish what had been hidden for years. Anonymous threatened that this information would be a crushing blow to Putin and his “corrupt puppets”.

It’s only a matter of time before we discover the dirt you’re trying to hide from the society you’re lying to. We will show every skeleton in the closet. Now we demand to restore the rights of the Ukrainian people and resign, ” the video says.

The hackers called on all members of Anonymous to “shut Vladimir Putin’s mouth with his own dirty money.”


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