Ways to distinguish real chocolate from fake are named

(ORDO NEWS) — Sausage without meat and chocolate not made with cocoa beans is a harsh reality, not someone’s joke. That is why it is worth knowing a few simple ways that will help you independently determine how real the chocolate is.

It will not work to conduct an experiment right in the store; it can be done only at home. Therefore, when buying, first of all, you need to pay attention to the composition of the chocolate. A natural product must contain ingredients such as:

• sugar;

• grated cocoa beans;

• cocoa oil.

If it is milk chocolate, then manufacturers can additionally use milk powder. You shouldn’t buy products that contain palm oil or any other vegetable fats. Also, the shelf life of the chocolate can tell about the quality. A natural product can be stored for no more than one year. This sets it apart from the many substitutes that can be found on store shelves.

Some other methods will also allow you to check the quality and naturalness of the tile.

• Carefully open the packaging and inspect the chocolate. Its surface should be perfectly glossy and cast bright reflections.

• When breaking tiles, pay attention to the resulting sound. Proof of the naturalness of chocolate will be a loud sound. Quiet, in turn, will talk about the presence in the composition of a variety of preservatives and a variety of oils.

• The inside of the chocolate should be matt and noticeably different from its glossy side.

• Natural product begins to melt at a temperature lower than the temperature of the human body. Therefore, if after a few seconds the chocolate did not start to melt in the hands, then this indicates the presence of additional additives in the composition.

• Real chocolate will not bend. If you try to do this, then it will break. Products made from vegetable fats are similar in structure to plasticine. If you try, you can even mold some kind of figure without any problems.

• You can try dipping chocolate in milk. The natural product will immediately sink, and the substitute made from vegetable oil and dry components will remain on the surface.

• Real chocolate is stained white when frozen. The fake, in turn, remains practically unchanged.

• Pay attention to taste. A natural product will melt in your mouth and will not stick to your teeth, like the one that contains a huge amount of vegetable oil.

Such simple methods will allow you to find real chocolate and stop buying harmful fakes in the future.

Probably, many have heard the advice that it is better not to drink alcohol on an empty stomach. But why is it necessary to eat well before drinking alcohol? Doctors spoke about this in sufficient detail.

They noted that if you do not eat before drinking an alcoholic beverage, then it will be absorbed quickly enough through the gastric mucosa. This will cause rapid intoxication. Then the hangover will come just as quickly and the state of health will noticeably deteriorate.

In this case, food plays an important role as a catalyst. With its help, it is possible to minimize those unpleasant symptoms that often occur after drinking alcohol.

Alcohol contains ethyl alcohol, which is absorbed by the gastric mucosa and then enters the bloodstream. At the same time, a large load goes on the small intestine and on the liver. Alcohol also affects those organs with a high level of blood supply – the brain and lungs.


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