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Water turned yellow in the Black Sea

Water turned yellow in the Black Sea

(ORDO NEWS) — The waters of the Black Sea near Evpatoria have acquired an unusual yellow color. One of the local residents provided a video, emphasizing that the color is actually not that bright: here it is enhanced in a graphics editor. Nevertheless, the water area has really “turned yellow”.

Scientists explain that this is not unusual, and there is no reason for panic. President of the Crimean Academy of Sciences, ecologist Viktor Tarasenko recalled that it is this part of the coast that bears the name “Crimean Golden Sands”. In addition to the granular sandy fractions, they contain clay and silt.

On these days, heavy rains and winds with gusts of up to 25 m / s were observed in Crimea. During such a winter storm, rocks can rise from the bottom, mix and wash ashore, saturating the water. When the storm subsides and the sediments settle to the bottom, the original color will return.

Several years ago, the same picture was observed in Sevastopol. The reasons were the same.

Meanwhile, yellow water can also be caused by man-made disasters – as it happened a few years ago in the state of Colorado.


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