Water does not exist in nature sensational statement made

(ORDO NEWS) — Everyone calls a clear liquid water, but in reality it is a solution, experts from Russia said. There is no pure water on Earth with the usual formula H 2 O.

In the real world, water is a very complex system that consists of different molecules, ions and other elements. The properties of the liquid in different locations are radically different.

I. A. Shcherbakov, scientific director of the Institute of General Physics named after Prokhorov, made a presentation. He described a model that explains elastic scattering in aqueous solutions by nano objects of indeterminate nature. The model tells how nanoclusters are formed from H 2 O and H 2 O 2 molecules.

Several studies on dilution of solutions, thanks to which it was possible to study the concentrated dependences of peroxide and molecular hydrogen, as well as molecular oxygen, showed that with each new dilution, the relationship between concentration and the amount of dilution weakens. Subsequent dilution does not in any way affect the performance of the solution.


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