Watch a 3D printer build a two-story house

(ORDO NEWS) — The Belgian green building company Kamp C used Europe‘s largest 3D printer to “print” a two-story house.

The fixed printer, measuring 9.75 x 9.75 meters, works on the same principle as its “little brothers” who print plastic products, but special concrete is used as raw material.

Faster, cheaper, stronger

This process of building a house has key advantages over classic assemblies: it is much faster and more thoughtful (the programmed machine follows a clear plan), which allows you to reduce construction costs.

“Printing concrete is three times stronger than building bricks. In addition, our concrete contains special fibers, which reduces the need for mesh reinforcement. As a result of using this technology, it was possible to save about sixty percent of materials, time and money,” commented Marijke Aerts, project manager.

The resulting two-story house with an area of ​​298.7 meters is still more a demonstration model than a living space. However, the premises have already received underfloor heating and solar panels to generate electricity.

“The seal of this building is a statement. We showed the construction industry the availability of our technologies and the high potential of this approach,” concluded Emiel Asiona, project manager.


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