Wasserman doubts that humanity will soon be able to get to Mars in 45 days

(ORDO NEWS) — When carrying out interplanetary flights, it is much more reasonable to place bulky power systems on Earth than to install them on spacecraft.

This opinion was shared in an interview with the FAN by a deputy of the State Duma. Earlier, Canadian scientists proposed using a powerful laser to accelerate spacecraft, which could reduce the travel time to Mars from six months to 45 days.

“Over the past half century, I have heard a lot about such projects. In principle, this is somewhat reasonable. Colossal energy systems can be placed on Earth.

The problem with rockets is that they have to accelerate the entire supply of fuel that provides their energy. It is necessary to carry not only the payload, but also this resource, ”said the publicist.

Anatoly Wasserman also noted that this idea is not without serious shortcomings.

“Any flow of energy is dissipated. Some of it is absorbed by the air. However, the energy complex can be placed on the moon. In terms of costs, this will pay off in a matter of dozens of launches.

However, the point is that it will not be possible for a long time to focus the entire flow of energy on the rocket.

According to the laws of physics, any energy flow is dissipated in a vacuum. At cosmic distances, even a negligibly small dispersion acquires a cosmic scale, ”the FAN interlocutor explained.

In conclusion, he added that he does not share the optimistic forecasts of Canadian scientists.

“It will be possible to disperse the rocket, give it an initial push – then it will fly by inertia.

It is still quite profitable and expedient, but reducing the flight time to Mars to 45 days seems to me very doubtful, ”summed up the political consultant.

Earlier, Anatoly Wasserman, in a conversation with the FAN, urged world scientists to take seriously the message about the asteroid 2022 AE1 approaching the Earth. According to him, this object must be destroyed by missiles with nuclear warheads.


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