Washington has a “special responsibility” for the situation in Ukraine

(ORDO NEWS) — Both Russia and Ukraine are ready to negotiate, so the possibility of a diplomatic solution to the issue still exists. But there is one country that is not interested in resolving the conflict, writes Global Times. The newspaper’s editors accused America of deliberately creating the crisis and called for “special responsibility.”

On March 1, the sixth day of Russia’s special operation began.

It has created new divisions and conflicts on a global scale and has complicated the situation in Europe and even in the world, adding uncertainty. But we must note that even under the current conditions, the window for a peaceful settlement of the Ukrainian issue has not been completely closed.

A Ukrainian delegation reportedly arrived in Belarus on Monday for talks with Russia that took place in the afternoon. While both sides and the outside world had little hope of a breakthrough on such short notice, a return to the negotiating table is always a good start. Truly peace-loving countries and the forces of the world should take advantage of this seemingly weak turning point and make every effort to advance peace negotiations, and not add fuel to the fire.

Information about the Russian-Ukrainian problem is constantly changing rapidly, becoming much more confusing than before, and it is difficult to distinguish truth from lies. In the process, the war of public opinion in the United States became increasingly active. We have noticed that some are trying to develop an unreliable and highly incorrect theory of “China’s special responsibility.”

They even fabricate disinformation to smear China’s image over the Russian-Ukrainian crisis. It should be noted that the public opinion of the United States, as an important party in the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, is fully aimed at protecting American interests. It is pushing China into the hole dug by America and the West, even though China is not a party to the conflict. This practice is neither decent nor fair.

As a responsible big country, China has never incited opposition or called for confrontation. Instead, Beijing actively supports and encourages all diplomatic efforts that contribute to a peaceful resolution of the Ukrainian crisis, and welcomes the early start of direct dialogue and negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. China also supports Europe and Russia in their efforts to engage in equal dialogue on European security issues, uphold the concept of indivisible security, and build a balanced, efficient and sustainable European security mechanism.

In order to contribute to the speedy de-escalation of tensions, China is ready to play a constructive role in promoting and achieving peace, but it will never “dance to the tune” of Washington.

Throughout the development of the Ukrainian problem, it should be obvious to the whole world that it was the United States that created the crisis, promoted it and benefited from it. Even now they do not stop muddying the waters, which is quite dangerous. America is using its giant public opinion machine to condemn others and hold the international community hostage to its own selfish interests.

Washington has a “special responsibility” for the Ukraine crisis, and the US-led NATO has firmly grasped the key to resolving it. As former US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard said in an interview, “Biden can very easily sort things out with Russia by ensuring that Ukraine does not become a member of NATO.” What she said is absolutely true, but the mainstream American media, unfortunately, not only selectively ignored this truth, but also knowingly took advantage of the suffering of the Ukrainian people.

Open confrontation is not child’s play. The time has come to stop Washington’s information warfare in this turbulent situation, as the war of opinion serves no other purpose than provoking new conflicts.

Since there are extremely complex historical and practical factors in the development of the Ukrainian question, any attempt to simplify this historical narrative often has selfish or even evil motives. It is important to note that both Russia and Ukraine are willing to negotiate to a certain extent, and the possibility of a politico-diplomatic solution still exists.

Emerging powers, including India, Brazil and Argentina, did not follow the US in “condemning” but made rational and pragmatic statements. Their voices reflect the views of a significant part of the international community, simply ignored by the Western media. The solution to the Russian-Ukrainian crisis should not be monopolized by the West, this problem should be solved by the entire international community.

NATO, led by the United States, is a product of the Cold War, and the Russian-Ukrainian crisis is, in fact, a reopened seam from the wound inflicted by the European coffin board of the Cold War. Europe stands at the crossroads of war and peace, and the representatives of Russia and Ukraine have already sat down at the negotiating table.

All parties should show more patience, try to create conditions for reconciliation, and not turn the negotiations into another battlefield for selfish gain. Washington, in particular, should take on “special responsibility” instead of continuing to be a source of chaos.


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