Was Albert Einstein really a loser?

(ORDO NEWS) — Some people, justifying the stupidity of their own or someone close to them, say something like: “ Einstein , for example, did not study well at school” or “Einstein generally had a one [or two] in physics .”

However, all this is not true: Albert Einstein was one of the most diligent, attentive and intelligent children in the entire school.

Four historical facts that gave rise to the myth of Einstein’s poor academic performance:

  • Albert began to speak late, preferring to watch and listen until the age of three. This feature alerted his parents Herman and Paulina so much that they even admitted “congenital dementia” in their long-awaited child. In fact, the unwillingness to communicate did not affect the mental development of the future theoretical physicist, who after three years began to speak immediately in sentences.
  • At the cantonal school of Aarau in Switzerland, where Einstein studied, in the first semester, the highest possible mark for anything was 1 (one). A misunderstanding of the grading system (most of us are used to the fact that a one is a nightmare, and a five is an indicator of high knowledge) created a confusion that formed the myth of Einstein’s low academic performance.

Was Albert Einstein really a loser 2

  • Einstein had extremely strained relations with some teachers, and one of them even once said that Albert “never achieves anything.” Such a complex relationship is explained by the fact that Einstein was contemptuous of stupid people, regardless of their age and position in the social hierarchy. If the teacher spoke obvious nonsense and constantly made mistakes, then Einstein, sitting on the last row, mockingly grinned, which resembled the behavior of modern school hooligans.
  • Einstein was unable to enter the Swiss Federal Polytechnic School, flunking exams in the social sciences, in particular in French, which was not his native language. However, the future scientist was able to pass the exams perfectly in such exact sciences as physics and mathematics. Simply put, Einstein was not interested in anything other than those disciplines with which he planned to connect his life.
    So, the conclusion is: Albert Einstein was never a loser. In fact, he was the smartest and most successful student in his class.


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