Was a device that will allow you to smell the smells of movies and computer games

(ORDO NEWS) — Japanese company Aromajoin brought to the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2023), held in Las Vegas (USA), a device called Aroma Shooter Wearable.

The new technology allows scents to be “digitized” to allow the user to smell a movie or video game.

According to Aromajoin, the AromaJoin Aroma Shooter scent diffuser works in conjunction with the “world’s first scented video platform” Aroma Player, which sends a scent to the user’s nose that matches what they see on the screen.

Instead of liquid or gas as in a typical aroma diffuser, the Aroma Shooter uses “solid state” cartridges, which Aromajoin claims provide a better and longer lasting effect.

There are over 100 different scents to choose from, from coffee to ocean scent.


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