Wars and death during the reign: an astrologer’s disappointing prediction about Biden

(ORDO NEWS) — On January 20, the inauguration of Joseph Biden, the newly elected President of the United States, is due. According to the forecast of Vlad Ross, the date was chosen as inappropriate as possible.

On the chosen day, several unfavorable factors coincide: the Black Moon rises, the planet of disasters Mars, Uranus with a destructive effect and the planet of death Pluto. All this suggests that the Biden melting will most likely not be long. There is a threat that he will die while still in office.

On January 20, the Moon will be “off course.” This means that Biden may actually be the nominal president. He will take over as the head of the United States, but he will not decide anything much. Vice President Kamala Harris will be making important decisions. This fact is indicated by the ascent of the Moon – the female body.

Biden is Scorpio according to the horoscope, and this sign brings wars and confrontation. It follows from this that US military conflicts with other countries are inevitable.

Biden himself is a peaceful person, but the astrological influence and patronage of Scorpio make themselves felt. Trade and “hot” wars will be unleashed in the near future.


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