Warming is approaching, which the Earth has not had for more than 3 million years

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists are surprised by the large amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of our planet, but this phenomenon is not new. A similar thing happened in the history of the Earth 3.3 million years ago.

If the current rate of CO2 production remains the same for about five years, the level of carbon dioxide will exceed that which could be observed during warming in the Pliocene era. Then the level of this substance in the atmosphere reached 427 ppm, and the temperature was 3-4 degrees Celsius higher, and the ocean level was higher than now by 20 meters.

Scientists from the University of Southampton who made such conclusions, in their studies, studied fossils collected from deep-sea sediments of the Caribbean. The experts made a special model for recording CO2 in the Pliocene using data obtained from boron levels.

With the help of such a simulation, it was possible to confirm what was previously observed in ice cores. Also, experts were able to make an accurate assessment of the CO2 range in the geological era, when it was the same as now the level of solar radiation.

According to researcher Thomas Mel, as a result, it was possible to determine that the warmest period of the Pliocene in the atmosphere had from 380 to 420 ppm CO2. And this data is similar to what scientists have today – 415 ppm. Such indicators indicate that the planet is close to achieving those temperature indicators and sea level that was once and which significantly exceeds the one that is now. An increase in CO2 level occurs every year at 2.5 ppm.

Researchers argue that with data from the past, you can predict what awaits the Earth in the future. And also scientists are sure that it is in the power of mankind to realize the problem and minimize the consequences of the disaster.


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