War wells of the pharaohs found in Egypt

(ORDO NEWS) — The archaeological mission of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, while conducting surveys in the North Sinai, discovered five ancient wells, which were probably important infrastructure elements of the main military road of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs.

According to The National News, scientists suggest that the discovered structures were located along the so-called military road of Horus – an ancient road that connected Egypt with the territory of modern Palestine.

All five wells were found by Egyptian archaeologists working in the Tell el-Kedwa region of North Sinai. The structures are tentatively dated to the 13th century BC.

The exact date of their creation has not yet been established, but experts believe that the wells were built before the reign of Pharaoh Seti I (1292-1190 BC).

The Gora military road is well known to scientists from references in written sources. It was a vast ancient route 220 km long, along which the troops of the pharaohs passed. It was provided with excellent infrastructure.

There were fortresses along the way, among which was the fortress of Tell el-Kedwa. Similar structures were used as stronghold military checkpoints to protect the eastern border of Egypt.

The wells were located outside the fortress. They were probably intended for the needs of the army. According to the head of the archaeological mission, Ramadan Helmi, four of the five discovered wells were covered with sand, and, as archaeologists found out, this was done intentionally.

Egyptologists suggest that they were bombarded by the Egyptians to hinder the advance of the Persian army that invaded Egypt in 525 BC.

The fifth well was not filled up. By the way, its depth is a little more than three meters. During its study, 13 pottery rings and several clay pots were found at the bottom of the well, dating back to the XXVI dynasty of Ancient Egypt (664-525 BC), also known as the Sait period. This suggests that wells have served people for centuries.


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