Walrus was first spotted off the coast of Ireland

(ORDO NEWS) — The animal was seen off the coast of Valentia Island on Sunday morning. First, the walrus climbed a rock, and then lay down near the shore. On Monday, she was already visible to her, but experts believe that the animal has settled nearby, and ask not to disturb him.

Initially, Alan Hawlihan and his 5-year-old daughter, Murianne, spotted the walrus on March 14 while walking along Glenlim Beach. Massive, “the size of a bull or a cow” animal slowly climbed to the shore. This was filmed. “At first I thought it was a seal, and then we saw tusks,” Alan said. “The walrus jumped out of the water and gave us a little show.” According to an eyewitness, he sat down on a stone, “as if posing,” then waved his flippers, as if greeting. Another footage shows the animal lying on the shore, covering its eyes.

Already on Monday, the animal was not on the shore. “Early in the morning I went down to the beach and did not find any trace of his presence. I hope he is now eating scallops and preparing to return home, ”added an eyewitness.

The IWDG confirmed that the walrus was spotted off Valencia, County Kerry this morning. We would like to thank Alan Hawlihan for informing us today, March 14, 2021.

We would like to ask those fortunate enough to see him observe this wayward traveler from a safe distance and provide him with the space he needs, and submit any follow-up observations to the IWDG observation chart. Thank!
It is not yet known exactly how the walrus got to Ireland. Marine biologist and director of the local oceanarium, Kevin Flannery, suggested that he used to live in the Arctic, on the coast of Greenland, but fell asleep on an ice floe and so crossed the Atlantic Ocean.

Scientists believe that the walrus is quite young – this is evidenced by tusks only 30 centimeters long. However, it is not yet possible to determine the sex, since both females and males have tusks. Flannery noted that the animal was severely emaciated, and was clearly tired and hungry during the “journey.” It could get away from people to rest. “The walrus is now sleeping on stones. I ask people to leave him alone until he returns, ”said the scientist.

This is the first documented case of a walrus in Ireland. However, the Irish Whale and Dolphin Conservation Group believes that these animals have been to the coast before. According to them, walruses were spotted in 1999 and 2004 near Mayo County in the west of the country.


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