Wake-up call: California coronavirus mutation changed SARS-CoV-2

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(ORDO NEWS) — The strain, codenamed L452R, now features a major change in the spike protein that vaccines are known to target. Scientists were seriously alarmed by the news.

So far, Californian experts cannot say if the new coronavirus is more contagious or dangerous. The scary bells are that the mutation was found in the last major outbreaks of the disease.

Note that the L452R was discovered back in May last year. In November, its share was 3.8%, and in December it increased to 25.2%. From this we can conclude that the infectivity of this particular coronavirus has increased. However, the option is not excluded that the mutation is caused by an increased number of diseases, and not the mutated virus provoked new infections.

Whether the vaccines will remain effective remains to be seen. Today, all means (American, Chinese and others) are aimed at the defeat of the spike protein. The more it changes, the more difficult it is to deal with a pandemic.


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