Voyager 1 malfunction caused by aliens, claims Uri Geller

(ORDO NEWS) — Geller commented on the news that NASA‘s Voyager 1 probe – the most distant man-made object in history – is experiencing technical problems in the form of Attitude and Control System (AACS) readings that do not seem to reflect what is happening on board.

Everything on the spacecraft appears to be working correctly – it is successfully receiving and executing commands, and its high-gain antenna is still pointing back towards Earth.

However, the telemetry data is gibberish – it is either randomly generated or reflects an invalid AACS state.

At the moment, Voyager 1 is not in immediate danger, but NASA will continue to work on the problem, trying to determine what could go wrong.

Uri Geller, meanwhile, thinks he knows what’s up… aliens.

“Voyager 1 left Earth in 1977 and is now 14.5 billion miles away!” he wrote on Twitter.

“But NASA is now getting what they call ‘impossible data’ from it. Their leading theory is a glitch in its attitude control system… but maybe it’s a controlled signal?”

“If you ask me, then yes – aliens!”.


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