Voyager-1 discovered “eternal drone” during space exploration

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(ORDO NEWS) — The Voyager-1 spacecraft recorded an eternal rumble in space. It is caused by the interstellar gas that forms between solar flares. This noise also exists outside the solar system. Researchers at Cornell University are already investigating the nature of noise.

Reported by CNN.

The Voyager-1 spacecraft has transmitted data to Earth. The drone was recorded at a distance of 225 million km from the Earth. The stable weak noise of interstellar gas is in a narrow frequency band. Since there are flashes in space all the time, the sound is also stable. No one expected that he could be heard at such a distance.

Stella Koch Ocker (PhD student at Cornell University) described as weak and monotonous. When Voyager left the solar system, he continued to record the fluctuations that emanate from the activity of the Sun. In between flashes, a quiet hum was noticed. They immediately began to study it, because this way you can better understand how plasma is distributed in space.

By the way, it is Voyager that is the most distant object in space launched by man. It was launched back in 1977. Almost half a century later, no one broke his record.


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