Volcanic eruptions on La Palma are over

(ORDO NEWS) — Authorities in one of Spain’s Canary Islands announced that the volcanic eruption, which began in September, ended on Saturday after 10 days of no lava flows, seismic activity or significant sulfur dioxide emissions.

But the emergency in La Palma, the most northwestern island of the Atlantic archipelago, is far from over due to massive damage caused by the eruption, the director of the Volcanic Islands Emergency Committee of the Canary Islands said.

“This is not joy or satisfaction – how can we define how we feel? This is an emotional relief. And I hope, ”said Pevolka director Julio Perez. “Because now we can fully focus on the restoration work.”

Fiery molten rock flowing down to the sea destroyed about 3,000 buildings, buried banana plantations and vineyards, destroyed irrigation systems and blocked roads. However, no injury or death was directly related to the eruption.

Volcanologists said they needed to confirm that the gas, lava and tremors had subsided on the Cumbre Vieja ridge, and after 10 days they announced the depletion of the volcano.


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