Volcanic eruptions inevitably led to the collapse of the Chinese dynasties

(ORDO NEWS) – An international team of scientists decided to test a possible connection between climate change and the rule and decline of Chinese dynasties and found it in a series of events. We can say that the secret was revealed by the volcanoes that periodically made themselves felt in the history of mankind.

According to recent studies, it turned out that over the past 2 thousand years, volcanic activity has led to the death of the Chinese dynasties several times.

Everything turned out to be logical and interconnected: the sang thrown into the air covered the sky and provoked a local cooling. In the future, agriculture suffered, and then, as expected, the political situation in the Celestial Empire escalated.

Powerful volcanic eruptions created dense ash clouds that obscured the sunlight. Moreover, this blackout did not last for several days, but for a year or two. The surface of the Earth began to lose heat, the winds became weaker, and the rains became less and less. Not surprisingly, agriculture suffered greatly.

Scientists have found that from 1 year AD to 1915 there were 156 most powerful volcanic eruptions. They also investigated sulphate levels in the ice of Greenland and Antarctica. Then geologists studied archival documents from the Middle Kingdom, which preserved historical information about 68 dynasties and the wars that took place.

Researchers have found a definite relationship between volcanic activity and the growing political and socio-economic crisis, which reached its peak and ended with the collapse of the Chinese dynasties.

Active volcanoes emitted monstrous amounts of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere, where dense clouds of sulfuric acid formed, which blocked the access of sunlight to the Earth. All this led to a drop in temperature and problems in agriculture.

Making their conclusions, scientists do not exclude that volcanic eruptions were not the only factors that led to the collapse of the dynasties. It could also be influenced by poor governance, corruption and demographic conditions. However, according to researchers, all the consequences of volcanic eruptions were, so to speak, the last straw in a series of catastrophic events for the state.


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