Volcanic eruption shuts down an entire island

(ORDO NEWS) — The consequences of a colossal volcanic eruption in the Pacific archipelago of Tonga are still being calculated, but one thing is already known: Tonga was cut off from the world’s Internet after the eruption damaged the only cable connecting the country to the rest of the network.

Like many island nations, Tonga only relies on a single garden hose-thick submarine cable. The government of Tonga said on Tuesday that ” communications, both international and domestic, have been interrupted due to damage to a submarine cable . ”

According to Reuters, the length of the Internet cable connecting Tonga to the network is 827 kilometers. Repairing the cable can take up to two weeks as the work requires the intervention of a specialized submarine cable repair vessel.

Currently, the nearest such vessel is moored at a distance of about 4.7 thousand kilometers in Papua New Guinea, and its journey to Tonga will take several days.


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