Volcanic activity recorded in the center of Europe

(ORDO NEWS) — In northwestern Europe, scientists immediately recorded seismic and volcanic activity. The Eifel region (Germany), as well as some areas of Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Luxembourg, are at risk.

Activity was recorded by scientists from the University of California (USA). It is worth noting that volcanic activity is characteristic of the territory mentioned: the last time the eruption occurred about eleven millennia ago.

In the framework of new observations, experts drew attention to the very strange movements of the earth: the land cover rises and stretches, which is not typical for this part of Europe.

Experts compared the information received throughout Western Europe. It was previously assumed that the Eifel region would no longer show its volcanic disposition.

Dome-shaped uplifts indicate a mantle plume approaching the surface. It is he who, rising up, provokes deformation and volcanic activity.

The region turned out to be an incredibly active volcanic system. It is many times more active than a series of faults between the Eiffel and the Alps.

At the same time, scientists reassure, not the fact that a volcanic eruption will soon happen. The earth can rise and fall for a long time, the only thing is that everyone needs to be prepared for a possible disaster.

Scientists continue to monitor the situation in the region and assess the risks of eruption.


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