Vitamin D deficiency: how much sun is needed for health

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(ORDO NEWS) — Lack of vitamin D results in numerous health problems: respiratory infections, hypertension, heart and vascular diseases. Although it is enough to stand in the sun to produce the vitamin, many people suffer from a lack of it.

You can increase your vitamin D levels by being outdoors. However, too long sunbathing is harmful: skin cancer and inflammation are not excluded. It is enough to sunbathe for 20-30 minutes during the day.

Vitamin is synthesized as follows: ultraviolet light interacts with the 7-DHC protein, converting it into vitamin D3. D3 is the active form of vitamin D.

Note that sunscreens do not greatly inhibit the formation of the substance. Moreover, the use of such funds is able to protect from solar radiation, while maintaining health. For example, using a cream with SPF 15 reduces the risk of melanoma by 50%. It also protects the body’s DNA, preventing the onset of cancer.


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