Viruses that could trigger the next pandemic

(ORDO NEWS) — The new app allowed scientists to assess the risks of transmission of newly discovered viruses from animals to humans. The information will help prevent another pandemic.

According to experts, the attitude of humanity to the world around us will make outbreaks of certain diseases more frequent. Now everyone believes that the coronavirus is a pandemic that occurs once a century.

The app was developed by experts from the University of California at Davis. The solution is able to classify serious viral threats that are already lurking among the animal world today. Some viruses are underestimated by experts, although they have the potential to develop into a pandemic and a huge risk of zoonotic spread to humans.

A total of 887 viruses were evaluated. They were investigated according to pre-prepared 32 risk factors (the environment of the detected virus, its carriers, human interaction, etc.). The first ten viruses are quite well known to humans: SARS-CoV-2 (2nd place), Ebola (3rd place), rabies (10th place). The first place was taken by the Lassa virus – a fever spreading across West Africa.

Outside of the 12th place are little-known viruses, for example, coronavirus 229 E.


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