Virologists identified “superhuman” immunity against coronavirus

(ORDO NEWS) — American experts said that some people have some kind of “superhuman” immunity against coronavirus.

They can easily cope not only with those strains that are known today, but also with their possible mutations in the future. Reported by NPR.

Immunologist Shane Crotty made a statement early in the summer that some people had “hybrid immunity.” Then he noted that such an immune system at first glance looks incredibly strong.

After that, several additional studies were carried out, which demonstrated that, indeed, the body can give, in some situations, an incredibly powerful immune response to its defeat by the coronavirus.

Special antibodies begin to be produced, but at the same time they have a higher level of flexibility and can defeat different strains of the virus.

A few months ago, types of antibodies were discovered in some people, which today can cope with six different types of the disease at once and defeat even Delta and Beta.

This type of immunity occurs more often in those who contracted the coronavirus last year and then received mRNA vaccines.


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