Virgin Galactic launches suborbital flight ticket sales

(ORDO NEWS) — Virgin Galactic announced the start of ticket sales for space flights from Wednesday, February 16th. They want to start sending tourists by the end of this year.

Virgin Galactic has announced that ticket sales for suborbital space flights will start on February 16th. After this news, the company’s shares soared 15 percent.

The trip will cost $450,000, including a $150,000 deposit. Buyers will receive membership in the Future Astronaut community. Virgin Galactic has previously announced that it will start sending space tourists by the end of 2022.

After reaching a certain altitude, the spacecraft undocks from the carrier aircraft and continues the flight on its own. In addition to tourist flights, Virgin Galactic will be able to launch small satellites.

The previous year proved to be significant for the company. In July, VSS Unity carried out a test flight, carrying Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson among others.

And even earlier, in March, the ship VSS Imagine left the hangar. He became the first of the SpaceShip III class of vehicles.

Virgin Galactic is part of the Virgin Group, an international conglomerate founded by Briton Richard Branson.


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