Viking grave found after whom Bluetooth was named

(ORDO NEWS) — Archaeologists have used satellite data to determine the place where Harald Gormosson or Harald Bluetooth was supposedly buried. It is worth paying attention to the fact that it was in honor of the world-famous king of the Vikings that the wireless communication technology for gadgets got its name.

The study was conducted by Polish specialists led by Marek Kryd. Previously, it was possible to establish that in the village of Veikovo, in Poland, there may be an ancient burial place. At the same time, using field methods, it was not possible to find it.

In the course of the new study, experts have already used information obtained from satellites. They tried to initially detect deviations of an anomalous nature under the surface of the earth.

Soon they managed to find an ancient burial mound, erected in the Viking era. An interesting point was that the huge burial was located under the Roman Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in the village of Veikovo.

Experts were very interested in the find. It is worth paying attention to the fact that in 1841, under this church, scientists have already found not only the remains of people, but many treasures and other artifacts.

Under the church, they found gold and bronze jewelry, a silver coin made during the reign of the Viking king Otto I. A disk of gold was also found, the weight of which was almost 25 grams.

All the valuables were kept for a long time in the crypt, but in 1945, Major of the Polish Army Stefan Selski, together with his brother Michael, took away the treasures. After that, no one knew exactly where the ancient artifacts were located.

In 2014, the Kurmsun disk was again found. Experts found an inscription in Latin on it. It said that the disk was owned by “the ruler of the Danes, Skani and the Viking fortress Jomsborg.” This fortress was located where the city of Volina is now located.

It is worth noting that experts have only indirect information regarding the fact that Harald Blue-tooth was buried in the immediate vicinity of his fortress. At the same time, the discovered mound may well be the tomb of an ancient ruler.

Harald was called Blotand – “blue tooth”. He allegedly had a dead tooth that was dark blue in color. In English it sounds Bluetooth. Today, the same name has a modern wireless technology for connecting a variety of gadgets.


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