Very strange skull was discovered at a ranch in Texas

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Six years ago, very interesting photos of one skull appeared on the Web, which was found on some Texas ranch. Then the pictures did not become widely publicized, although to this day they are very interesting: they show a unique skull, which seems to belong to a hybrid of a calf and a person.

The media again raised the topic of the mysterious skull, as the find is really interesting. According to users, the skull belonged to a baby deer or cow who suffered from hydrocephalus. With this disease, the skull in the area of ​​the brain increases. However, according to local farmers, they saw the creature walking upright, that is, on two legs.

The user who posted the photos talked about his father, who lived in the Rio Grande Valley. Decades ago, he was shocked when a real monster appeared on the horizon. The author of the photo has never seen his father so scared, although he often wandered through the wild.

There is a story about two hunters who were waiting for deer at the bait. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a creature appeared with the body of an animal, but a human head, only distorted. The creature moved on two legs. The hunters immediately left the forest, rumors of a wandering monster quickly spread around.

Everything happened on one ranch. Its owner once noticed strange remains on the side of the road. The body resembled a deer, but the head was completely different. The creation of someone shot. The man decided to take only the skull. What he did to him, the story is silent.

The most logical theory is that there was a mutant calf on the ranch with a rare defect – a bulldog’s head.


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